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When should you install new energy efficient windows?

The recent cold weather may be making you far more aware of your old windows than you’d like to be. Seeing your heating bill rise and feeling a chill in the air inside your home could mean that it’s time to look into new energy efficient windows. EiEiHome spoke to a Clera Windows and Doors representative about how you can tell whether or not it’s time to replace your old windows.

Here are four window warning signs from Clera:

You feel a breeze.

“Yes, windows are designed to allow for air flow and ventilation to travel through your home to allow for a more comfortable indoor environment—but not when they are closed,” says Clera Windows and Doors. If you can hold your hand six inches from the pane and feel or hear a draft of unwanted cold air in the winter months, chances are the panes and surrounding seal are not up to par. You are losing the heat and will continue in that constant battle of energy loss until the windows have been re-sealed or replaced to help better serve your needs.

You see water damage.

Are there dried water stains around the frame of your windows, on your ledges or walls? The cause may be your windows and their lack of proper glass, construction, and/or installation. Unwanted air, rain, snow, and condensation have a way of making their way into old windows and can ruin more than aesthetics. Water damage can lead to rot, mold, and other problems. If you start to see moisture droplets or the unmistakable brownish stain of water, it’s time for an upgrade.

You are noticing loose caulking or paint cracking.

“It could be age, the initial craftsmanship, sloppy caulking, or too many coats of paint piling up, but if you start to see the paint cracking or caulking peeling away, you may have issues again with the window and seal,” says Clera Windows. Exposure to extreme temperature of hot or cold can cause drying, which, along with moisture that gets in again and again and dries repeatedly, can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your window structure.

They have become an eyesore.

You have added granite to the kitchen, redone the powder room, installed hardwood floors, but your old windows remain untouched and rather ugly. Finish your home makeover by updating your windows and doors to reflect a more modern look while saving energy and money in the long haul.

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