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Interested in a tiny house? Try an RV!

The tiny house revolution has made its way into Canada; although for some Canadians, it’s in the context of a vacation home. If you’ve been thinking about opting for a tiny home instead of a traditional cottage, there is another option that you might want to consider: the RV!

Many people choose to purchase RVs for the mobility and freedom that they offer. There is no obligation to stay in one place, like that of a vacation home. You are free to travel to new destinations without a second thought. RVs alleviate the stress of packing and unpacking luggage, and allow you to bring the comfort of home with you. RVs also create flexible travel plans, no strict itineraries and hotel check-ins, you can travel where you want, when you want. However, purchasing an RV is still a large investment that requires a lot of analysis.

buying an rv
Photo Source: Do It Yourself RV

Who’s Travelling With You?

It is important to consider how often you will be traveling and for how long, as well as how many people will accompany you on your travels. These facts will help you determine what type of vehicle is best suited to your lifestyle and travel plans.

buying an rv
Photo Source: Absolute Rescue

What’s Right For You?

There are an abundance of RVs with a wide variety of capacities, amenities and features on the market. It is important to find what is best suited for you. If you plan to travel for long periods of time with family, it may be smarter to choose a “Type ‘A’ Motor Home”. However, if you prefer shorter trips with smaller parties, such as just you and your spouse, then a “Truck Camper” might be all that you need. Take the time to look at all the different models and what each one offers, in order to make an informed decision.

buying an rv
Photo Source: Hofmann Architecture

What Activities Will You Be Doing?

Amenities and features to make your RV more comfortable and suited to your lifestyle should be thoroughly contemplated. Will you get use out of a kitchen and bathroom? If you lead an active lifestyle, you may want a mount for sports equipment to bring bikes and other equipment on your trips. You should also put thought into smaller details for added convenience, such as; an exterior door to the bathroom, to avoid you and or guests having to trek through the entire RV or an awning for shade, privacy and weather protection.

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Photo Source: Whippy Cake

What Amenities Do You Require?

Where you plan to park your RV also impacts the amenities that you will need. If you plan to stop at a camp site or trailer park, then a bathroom may not be completely necessary. However, if you plan to park out in the forest with few amenities around, you will want a vehicle that is fully loaded, to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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Photo Source: Sarah Try

What’s Your Price Range?

Price is also a large factor when deciding to purchase a motorhome. After deciding what it is you are looking for, settle on an amount you are comfortable paying. Not only should you look at the cost of the RV itself, but also the maintenance, insurance, fuel and servicing costs. Deciding to purchase a used vehicle over a new one can be a large cash saver and should be something you think about. It is important to remember that your RV will likely decrease in value, and this purchase should not be looked at as an investment, but rather a lifestyle choice.




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