5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Kids Rooms

A child’s bedroom should be a place of continual wonder where she feels not only secure, but encouraged to let her imagination roam where it will—and the interior décor can help with that. Creating such a space does not have to be a costly endeavor; these tips will help you to add fun and pop (along with some handy painting and storage opportunities) without having to break open the piggy bank.

1. Create Colourful Interior Decor

The colours around us affect our mood. Before you bring up the idea of repainting your child’s room, you should have a notion of what colors he likes: If you are unwilling to have a room in your home painted any of those colors, offer him a choice of acceptable hues instead. After all, you want your child to be comfortable and happy with his choice of interior décor.
Select an interior paint that is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), provides good coverage (if you need to apply multiple coats, you pay for more paint), and has good abrasion resistance.  Sherwin Williams Duration Home meets all those criteria; the cost per gallon is on the high side, so buy only what you need.

You can also add pops of color throughout your child’s room with brightly colored plastic storage cubes and bins (more about storage in a bit).

2. Interior Decorate by Letting Them Draw on Walls

Before you paint every wall in her room with that heliotrope gloss she begged for, leave one free for her artistic expression—and for the ultimate in unique interior décor. Paint that turns any wall into a chalkboard is inexpensive, or you can make your own from paint you have on hand. To minimize chalk dust, always wipe clean with a damp cloth. You will not have the option to mete out the punishment of clapping the erasers clean, but that’s the price you pay to prevent purple, green, and fuchsia lungs.

3. Make Their Artwork a Part of the Decor

Install inexpensive wall shelves to showcase his artwork or Lego models. Better yet, make your own shelves from lumber scraps and leftover wall paint. This is also a good place to keep that collection of stuffed animals; not only does it make the room fun, it keeps tempting toys away from infants and pets. When installing shelves, mount brackets to wall studs; drywall does not stand up well to climbing children.

4. Keep Memories Alive

Blow up a favorite photo to poster size for a wall decoration that will touch her heart every time she walks into her room. Mounting and framing a poster yourself is much less expensive than taking it to a shop, but you might want to practice first with junk mail or that autographed glossy of Barney. Nothing ruins a memory like a wad of glue on grandma’s eye.

5. Make Storage Fun & a Part of the Interior Decor

Everyone knows that kids love nothing more than maximizing storage opportunities! Look at every empty space as a potential place to put their stuff. Find, decorate, or create a colorful container for that space, and let him make choices and go crazy with the glue, paint, and blowtorch…or maybe just the glue and paint. This is the time when you should let go of your dreams of seeing your house in the pages of Reno & Decor. Think of it as part of your home security system: The floors will be less cluttered, the light of your life will have a sanctum sanctorum that reflects his creative spirit, and you do less work. Okay, we all know that last one is a joke, but we also know that cleaning glue, solder, glitter, and feathers out of carpet is a small price to pay for a child’s smile.

Al Natanagara is a writer, journalist, and blogger whose career includes stints with ZDNet, CNet, CBS, LexisNexis, and law enforcement. He does not regret letting his children choose their room colors. Neon turquoise adds resale value to a home.

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