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Interior Design: Bringing Art to Your Home

When it comes to designing our homes, all of us want to be unique. Obviously, like everyone we want our house to leave a strong and memorable impression on our guests and many of us won’t settle for anything less than awe, admiration and pure jealousy in the eyes of the visitors!

But the question is, when it comes to uniqueness, how do we achieve that wow factor to our home décor?

You may ask yourself the following questions when your decorator brings a new and unique idea to the table.

  • What if it doesn’t look good?
  • What if I get bored of it?
  • What if it is too different?
  • Will it be practical to maintain?

As a result, we often go back to what is tried and tested and satisfy our home décor cravings with a wide variety of what’s safe — but that can also mean drab or boring.

But remember that making something unique doesn’t always mean it has to be quirky or way out of this world. There are ways to achieve that delicate balance between being unique and being manageable:

Going beyond walls

From antique wall or floor finishes to metallic glazes and decorative epoxy finishes, there is a wide variety of surfaces that can not only be put on your floor but on your walls too — and even on your furniture. Additionally, modern technology has even made it possible to include the roof into our home décor too! “Our ceilings have really opened up.” Says Jeff Hancock, a US based fabrication specialist. “This is owing to the current lighting styles and technologies. The roof has, in fact, become the fifth wall.”

The one stand alone

Sometimes, just one vase, one sculpture, one painting and even one cushion can make a big difference that can move the ambience and the look of your room to a new level. “A lot of the rooms are simple elements that get turned into something amazing with art,” says Janette Ewens, leading Canadian décor and lifestyle expert. “Art pushes our limits and challenges us to find a new perspective and without it everything would be just beige.”

Finally, just because something is artsy doesn’t mean that it has to be impractical. There is art in everyday life. It can just be a handprint of your loved one enclosed in a wooden frame, or a simple shelf in your kitchen that displays a unique pattern.

All you need is a little creativity and an adventurous spirit! We’ve got designers and decorators who can help you choose art and decor for your home to give it that wow factor at in our service pro section.

By Sonia Sharma

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