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Interior design & decor accessories: It’s all in the details!

The process of accessorizing can be a difficult one.Buying a little “this and that” when you happen to be out shopping with friends is not the way to go. Instead, plan the details and then go looking for them at a furniture and home accessories store. That way, you won’t end up with an accessory you just had to have, with no place for it.

It’s not difficult to find inspiration in retail spaces. Designers and merchandisers are skilled with accessories. Use retail shops to get ideas. You may not have the same furniture, but the sizes, shapes, themes and colour of the accessorizing can be very inspiring. Remember, planning your accessories will save you time and money while resulting in a great space you’ll love to live in!

Create a collection of pieces

If you have a small collection of similar elements – art work, for example – creating a collage on a wall can have great visual impact. The images should relate in some way. All black and white, all horses, all the same size, the same finish. We’ve created collections of clocks, hats, and art, for example. This collection of architectural drawings with the coloured treatment is fantastic on the wall over this neutral-coloured sofa and creates a very masculine feel.

What do you think of this room? Can you picture this look in your home?

Colour + Accessories go hand-in-hand

Throw cushions can also create impact. Think letters and typography, numbers, florals and geometric patterns. Consider what statement the cushion makes on its own to be sure it works with the collection of accessories you have selected. All the elements together should work as a vocal choir does, singing with one sound.

The great thing about throw pillows is their ability to decorate a room instantly!

The great thing about throw pillows is their ability to decorate a room instantly!

Group accessories in one colour family together

Selecting a single pop of colour is also a great way to create visual interest. Any colour will work well. Currently, blues and greens are popular for the summer months; however, the more primary the colour, the stronger the impact you create. Red is likely one of the most popular colour selected. The best impact is achieved with a single colour, although two similar colours such as navy and azure will also work.

What do you think of this orange mixed in with some neutrals?

What do you think of this orange mixed in with some neutrals?

Layers upon layers

Creating layers is a very popular way of displaying and accessorizing your space. Start with a wallpaper; add a large mirror over that. Place a table in front of the mirror and then layer the table with a lamp, smaller art on a tabletop easel, a few vases, and perhaps some books to create layers. Be sure that no one element is so strong that it overpowers the rest of the objects. The idea is the same with a wall collage where art and sculpture is combined. The selection of elements to be collected together follows the same principle.

Layer your favourite pieces to create an inviting space.

Layer your favourite pieces to create an inviting space.

Jamie’s accessorizing tips

Need some more inspiration?

  1. A collage can make a great statement in a room.
  2. Throw cushions can make a statement and are easily changed.
  3. A single pop of colour can provide a real focus to a space.
  4. Layers in a small space create a thick, rich look.
  5. Gather together elements of a similar era to create visual interest.

The summer weather is finally here, so take advantage of the new season by giving your favourite spaces an update with these ideas. Find a furniture and home accessories store near you to get started on your summer project!

About the Author: Jamie Alexander a principal of Peloso Alexander Interiors and co-designer of Glen & Jamie Designer Furniture.

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