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This interior designer offers her advice on how to decorate your space

Whether you’ve purchased a resale or a new home, the process of decorating your new space can be daunting. Lisa Rogers, interior design extraordinaire, tells us about how to decorate your space to maximize every room, and what you should be looking for while making trips back and forth from furniture and home stores.

How design advice helps

When Dunpar Homes, a luxury home builder, opened its decor centre in Etobicoke, it was important to have an interior designer on hand to help customers choose the right finishes and decorative items.

Mirella Sarrapochiello, Dunpar’s VP of Sales & Marketing, says the décor centre is a way to help home buyers investing large sums of money in luxury homes to make decisions they’re truly happy with. She says it makes a dream home that much more attainable.

“It’s helpful for them to get more ideas,” she says. “A lot of people do have trouble visualizing their space, so it’s good to have someone walk them through and understand flow and how things work together. It’s hard to read on (floor) plans. They might come in with ideas from magazines, but we’ll have a consultant to make sure things work perfectly for them.”

No matter what you call home – a condo, a house, new or old, moving or staying in place – every space is a blank slate and should be furnished and decorated to meet the following criteria:

  • Needs;
  • Budget;
  • Personality;
  • all while maximizing space.

It’s an interior designer’s job to transform your space in these ways. Consult our directory to find an interior design & decor specialist in your area.

An interior designer can help you transform any space.

An interior designer can help you transform any space.

Maximize space through decorating and design

When it comes to maximizing space, we usually think about buying specific furniture pieces that will work within our favourite spaces, but Rogers says it’s more than just purchasing furniture.

Working with a narrow space? Hardwood flooring is the foundation upon which to decorate and design. Hardwood floors throughout the unit – upstairs and downstairs – manipulate perception by making the place appear longer than it really is. Additionally, a light shade of paint, like white, will give the allusion of spaciousness.

“Flow is important in a home from the moment you walk in through to the last room,” said Rogers. “When you do hardwood all the way up, it looks like something out of New York City. Hardwood is linear and makes things appear that much bigger and longer. Your eyes get carried, so it has a spacious feeling. When you have it throughout your house, you have a lovely flow. No continuity disrupts flow and makes the house look piecemeal.

“White or light colours make things bigger and brighter, where as dark colours make them appear smaller.”

For homeowners considering resale, hardwood flooring is of the utmost importance. “It’s strategically important,” Rogers said.


What do these small spaces have in common? Hardwood flooring. Don’t the rooms just look bigger?

Are you interested in hardwood flooring? We have just the experts to contact! Visit our list of flooring contractors to find a specialist to transform your flooring.

Make your cabinetry and countertops stand out

Kitchen cabinetry and countertops are also principal pieces; using colours like red, purple or green hurts resale value. Classical colours like wood, white, lacquer, matte, black and charcoal grey are excellent choices, however, bright colours are visually exhausting, said Rogers.

“You’re in one linear space, so from your living room down, there should be a pattern throughout your space,” she said. “Let’s say you have a black countertop, you could go with black chairs and a black chandelier in the dining room, and black cushions or a black sofa in the living room. You need to repeat and carry this beautiful flow.”

The cabinet, countertops an d furniture in these kitchens are cohesive, which creates flow in the room.

The cabinet, countertops an d furniture in these kitchens are cohesive, which creates flow in the room.

Accessorize with colour

Woven cloths with an ethnic twist are all the rage this season, too. Cloths and blankets from India and Africa, in particular, are excellent pieces to adorn furniture or bed bottoms. Herein, mixing colour is encouraged.

These colourful fabrics will make any space POP!

These colourful fabrics will make any space POP!

You don’t have to be buying a new place to redecorate. Why not change up your current space by integrating new pieces and designs? An interior designer with a trained eye can remodel any space with a bit of construction (new flooring) and furniture/accessories.

Shopping around for an interior designer? We make that process easy for you. We have an extensive directory of interior designers. If you need help choosing, read through customer reviews and learn from other homeowners’ experiences!

About the Author: Neil Sharma is a freelance writer for the Toronto Sun.

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