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An Intro to Limewashed Brick

In this world, there are brick purists and there are those who don’t let tradition stand in the way of creativity. However, in a way, people who embrace the 18th and 19th century appeal of limewashed brick might be a bit of both.

While lime washed brick is more likely to be seen on colonial style homes in New England and the southern US, as well as throughout parts of Europe, this brick treatment from days gone by has been slowing emerging across North America.

What is Limewashing?

Limewash is a putty mixture, consisting of water and non-hydraulic lime. Today’s premixed limewash powders also tend to include an adhesive, which makes it better able to adhere to nonporous surfaces. It can also be coloured; although white is the popular choice.

Fans of limewash embrace this treatment not only for the old-world charm, but also for the fact that it is a nontoxic decorating materials, which also contains antibacterial properties.


Limewashed brick is usually seen outdoors on brick exteriors and indoors on fireplaces, floors, and interior walls. The desired look is something aged and slightly distressed, with some of the brick’s natural colouring showing through in areas.

In order to achieve a beautifully uneven finish, the person applying the limewash should have a keen eye for the places to highlight and those to cover. It takes a fine hand and a clear vision for the finished product, much like the application of a venetian plaster.

Here are some of our favourite images of limewashed brick.

On an Interior wall


Source: Pinterest

Simply delicious on this kitchen wall. The look is very rustic and gives new life to a farmhouse look.

On the Floor


Source: Handmade Brick

This look is anything but ordinary.

Home Exterior

limewashed brick

Source: Bless’er House

We confess, this house is what inspired this article. The contrasting black shutters against the recently limewashed brick add a lot of interest to the lovely bones of this stately colonial.


Are you thinking about limewashing your fireplace or even your home’s exterior? While this project can be taken on as a DIY, to get the best result (especially if you want to do your home’s exterior) be sure to contact a local professional with experience in masonry or plastering, or even a company that specializes in limewash applications.

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