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Intro to Reno: Brazilian Hardwood Flooring

If you’re in the market for durable, show-stopping, premium hardwood floors, you might want to consider going with Brazilian Hardwood. Made popular by their reputation for exceptional hardness, density, and good looks, Brazilian hardwood flooring can withstand Canadian climates and is excellent against the wear and tear delivered by busy households.

In addition to being highly durable, Brazilian hardwood flooring is quite beautiful and is often preferred by homeowners who want to make a real statement with their choice of flooring.

Brazilian hardwood flooringSource: Ambient

Here is a look at some of the most popular Brazilian hardwood flooring options available here in Canada.

Sucupira – Brazilian Chestnut

Brazilian hardwood flooringSource: AA Floors & More

More commonly known as Brazilian Chestnut, Sucupira, is an extremely hard, dense wood with a Janka hardness rating of 3450. This makes it similar in hardness to Hickory. Sucupira ranges in colour from dark brown to reddish-brown, streaked with fine and clear veins. Like other Brazilian hardwood species, it will darken over time with exposure to sunlight; although it is less sensitive to light than other Brazilian hardwoods.

Tigerwood – Brazilian Koa

Brazilian hardwood flooringSource: Green Valley Flooring

Brazilian Koa is highly sought after for its stunningly unique appearance. When you first experience this almost orangey-brown, Brazilian hardwood with its unpredictable, dark striations, it becomes obvious why some people have labeled it Tigerwood. Like other Brazilian hardwoods, Koa is a durable, long-lasting flooring option. It has a Janka hardness rating of 1850.

Cumaru -Brazilian Teak

Source: Kentwood Flooring

If you’re looking for hardwood floors that will last a lifetime, you may want to consider asking your local flooring specialist about Cumaru. Also known as Brazilian Teak or Tonka, Cumaru flooring is perfect for high traffic installations. Incredibly durable, and practically impervious to scratching or denting, this flooring species has a Janka hardness rating of 3540!

While its superior strength may seem to be this type of hardwood’s winning characteristic, the beauty of medium red-brown or in some grades even yellow-brown Cumaru is equally compelling.

Jatoba -Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian hardwood flooring

Source: Grand River Flooring Inc.

Jatoba is another extremely durable, Brazillian hardwood flooring option. This wood species can easily stand up to foot traffic, with a Janka score of 2350. It’s resistant to wear, denting, and scratches, so if you have an open concept space, or want to add wood flooring to a high-traffic room, you will find Jatoba to be a good, long lasting option.

In terms of looks, it’s quite reminiscent of North American Cherrywood. Freshly cut, the colouration is typically on the orange side of brown, and ages to a deep, dramatic red.

Buying Exotic Hardwood Flooring

When in the market for Brazilian hardwood flooring, or other exotic flooring species, take care to ensure that you’re shopping ethically.  While some exotic flooring products are harvested in a sustainable manner, there are certainly those that are made from illegally harvested woods.

To ensure that the wood flooring you buy is ethically harvested and processed, be sure to look for hardwood flooring that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC certified products have been sustainably grown, harvested, and processed.

Explore to find local flooring experts and other home improvement specialists in your local area.

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