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Is Solar Power Right for You?

Are you interested in greening up your home in Oakville? If so, there are many options open to you, from using recycled materials in your home construction to alternative power generation. In fact, alternative energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the right option, you can significantly reduce your reliance on the local power grid, benefit the environment and save money all at the same time. solar power generation (solar panels) is the most popular option here, but is it right for you?

The Cost of Solar Panels

Solar panels have come down in price by a significant amount. However, these do still represent an investment. It’s best to understand that you will not see a complete return on that investment for several years. While solar panels will offset your power consumption by a significant amount, it can take some time before they begin to pay for themselves.

Total Off-Grid Solution

For those wondering if solar power generation is a good option for going completely off-grid, the answer is “yes and no”. While these panels can certainly make up a large portion of your power usage, they are not always able to provide you with 100% of your electricity needs. Even very large installations might only provide 60 or 70% of the power you require (high efficiency panels can approach 80%). If you want to go completely off grid, then you will need to combine solar panels with another alternative energy source, such as wind power.

Installation Location

Ideally, you will have your panels installed in a south-facing location. Ordinarily, the roof of your home is the best place for these. However, for homeowners worried that this will harm their home’s aesthetic, they can be installed in other locations. The most important consideration is that they are installed in an area where they will receive the most sunlight throughout the course of the year.

Supplemental Power

Photovoltaic power generation is an ideal option for those homeowners who want to generate a percentage of their electricity through renewable energy options. Many people choose to use these panels to provide supplemental power to their home – operating their HVAC system, or powering several appliances, rather than supplying power to the entire home. This can be a more cost effective option for many people, and will also keep the size of the installation down (fewer panels are required to power smaller loads).

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