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Is your air conditioning unit efficient? This expert tells us

Have you ever turned on your air conditioning unit and found that it takes too long to cool your home? It’s a common scenario, one that happens in households that have units that are over 15 years old. Tracy He of Home Saving Heating & Cooling tells us why older A/C units aren’t as efficient and how homeowners can benefit from a new, high-efficiency air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning units & efficiency

Every air conditioner has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating (SEER). “It’s a number that reflects the efficiency of the unit,” says Ms. He.

He says if an A/C unit is older than 10 years, it likely has a 10 SEER rating or lower, which is typical in older units.

“The lower the number, the lower the efficiency of the unit,” she says. “A lot of old units are even at an 8-SEER, which is very low.”

Watch this video to learn more about SEER:

Here are some issues associated with low-efficiency units:

  • They can be noisy;
  • They must run longer to reach the optimal temperature.
  • Homeowners may find their energy bills consistently high as a result.

New units, which can be purchased through Home Saving, are almost double the efficiency, measuring at a 16-SEER rating thanks to new technology, says He. This chart from the Department of Energy illustrates the potential savings a new unit can offer a household.

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How a new unit can save you money

He finds that homeowners will avoid spending money on a new A/C unit because it costs anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000.

“But money is being wasted running that old air conditioning unit,” she explains.

That’s why Home Saving offers a program to make new units affordable, giving homeowners the option of paying in low-monthly installments for a new unit.

He provides this example: having an air conditioning unit with a high SEER rating offers cost-savings every month. If a homeowner were to save up to $40 per month thanks to a new unit, and they’re paying $49 per month for their new air conditioner from Home Saving, the energy essentially pay for the new unit, she says.

Aside from the cost-savings of having a brand new A/C unit, older units pose a threat to the environment. He says 15-year-old units were constructed with Freon – a coolant that actually depletes the ozone layer.

New, high-efficiency units are made with a refrigerant that’s environmentally friendly, which leads to a smaller carbon footprint every time your A/C is running.

An air conditioning expert will have the right energy-efficient unit for your home.

An air conditioning expert will have the right energy-efficient unit for your home.

Want your household to have an energy-efficient air conditioner? Home Saving is running a special offer on new unit purchases to include 10 years of parts and labour – complimentary! – valued at $499 and only until July 28. Visit the company’s profile on our website for more information about Home Saving and read customer reviews.

When you’re ready to contact them, simply call or send them an email! A technician will be happy to visit your home and help you save money on air conditioning this summer!

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