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Is your roof in jeopardy?

As an essential part of your home, it’s important for your roof to be in the best possible condition. That’s why the thought of roof damage can be so distressing. To gain some professional insights on this topic, spoke to Wayne Palmer of George Kent Home Improvements, roofing experts servicing the GTA. He talked to us about some common types of roof damage and what should be done to repair it.

High Winds

“The biggest problem is high winds at any time of the year,” says Palmer. He also warns that if this occurs with a newly installed roof, it can be just be the beginning of a much larger problem.

“If shingles are relatively new and blow away, they were probably incorrectly installed,” he explains. “This [could] lead to other shingles blowing away in the future. In this case the owner should have the roof inspected and contact the original installer to avoid future disasters.”

Animal Damage

Pests can also cause a significant amount of damage to your roof. In Canada, these destructive, uninvited guests tend to be raccoons, squirrels, birds, and mice.

“Damage [comes] from animals trying to get inside the warm attic to set up a new home,” Palmer says. “Here, the problem is isolated but requires animal control experts to solve the problem and then fix the damaged shingles.”

Ice Dams

Another weather specific threat to the integrity of your roof can occur in winter. Most homeowners in snowy climates know that ice dams can mean bad news for roofs. Here’s how it happens:

“[In winter], damage can occur from “ice damming”, which is where the ice works itself inside the shingles around the perimeter of the house,” Palmer explains. “This can lead to moisture getting inside the roof which in turn leads to mold and air quality issues.”

Proactive Maintenance is Best

The best way to stay up-to-date on the condition of your roof is with an annual inspection. The roof should be visually inspected from the outside and then your attic should be looked at for signs of trouble. Mr. Palmer tells us that the top warning signs to look for in the attic are water stains, wet plywood under the shingles, wet insulation, light coming through around vents and pipes that protrude through the roof.

For the most thorough roof and attic inspection, be sure to contact experienced professionals, like the roofing experts at George Kent Home Improvements.

Why High Quality Repair and Replacement Service Matters

Palmer also notes that any roof with a 35 year warranty should not be failing after 10 years. Unfortunately, this is something that can happen when homeowners are taken in by low-quality, “bargain” roofing companies.

Palmer warns that replacing a roof is never going to be a cheap maintenance project. So, if a company quotes a price that seems very low, there is something wrong.

“Poor quality material or labor will cost you 2-3 times as much in the long run,” Palmer says. “Not only will the project need to be redone, but there is also potential damage to your walls, ceiling and floors, and a risk of mold.”

The professionals from George Kent Home Improvements have been providing top quality roofing and other home improvement services to customers in the GTA since 1949. Their licensed roofing technicians are highly experienced, thoroughly trained, and carry all of the mandated liability insurance.

Ready to replace your roof? George Kent is offering 24 equal payments with no interest! Plus, readers can receive Free Attic Insulation with any roof purchase! Call   1-844-324-6015 now for details, or visit them online.

You can learn more about George Kent Home Improvements, see galleries of their work or read more of their advice by viewing their listings here on

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