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Is your waterproofing warranty reliable? This expert tells us how to find out

Have you found yourself reaching out to a service professional for a warranty issue, only to find the company is no longer in business, or they don’t return your calls? spoke to Tony Romanelli of RCC Waterproofing about this common scenario and what can be done to prevent it from happening.

RCC services its 25-year warranty

Romanelli said the spring season is when RCC will receive calls for waterproofing repairs and overflowing eavestroughs. Although an eavestrough repair might not have anything to do with previous work done by RCC, Romanelli doesn’t have a problem diagnosing the repair.

“We have a 25-year non-hassle warranty,” he says. “Every spring, people will call us for all sorts of concerns/questions and we go out,” he says, adding he has a team of service professionals who are dedicated to repairs.

“We give really good support on that end,” he says. “You’ve got to service the warranty/reputation.”

rcc waterproofing

It took a number of years to develop a reliable warranty

Romanelli says the warranty was developed over several decades of being in business and isn’t just a number on a piece of paper.

“We always go back and use our data and have information on homes when we started using certain products,” he says. His team will look at the warranty calls they received after using a product over 10 and 15-year periods. “Our number is based on that data that we can support.”

That’s why Romanelli says homeowners should be skeptical about companies offering lifetime warranties.

“How can you possibly offer a lifetime warranty?” Romanelli laughs. “Some things are too good to be true.”


The facts are in the Yellow Pages

Romanelli showed us copies of a 1986 Yellow Pages book with companies advertising 20+ years of warranties. At least 90% of the companies were out of business. RCC Waterproofing has been around since 1920, outlasting the competition.

“That says it all,” he says.

Want a good warranty from a good service professional? Follow this advice

  1. Inquire about warranties. “Instead of calling someone for a new leak, call them for a warranty issue and see how you get treated,” says Romanelli. See if they have any information on your name or property and if they can assist you.
  2. Do lots of research! Homeowners should also do their due diligence and look up the contractor they’re about to hire, he says. “Google is not enough research. Go to their premises, talk to office staff if it exists,” he says. “You wouldn’t buy a wedding ring or a car online. Have them come to your home and walk out with a deposit.”

Romanelli invites both future and current clients to visit the RCC office to talk to office staff and see that an office does in fact exist, which speaks to the business’ reputation. Romanelli makes himself available to speak to inquiring guests.

RCC‘s vehicles are also branded, which identifies to homeowners that the business is active and the team is on the road, actively working. There’s no need to hide their identity.

Lack of research on a homeowner’s part often leads to frustration, for a company will promise a full-service warranty and later fail on that promise.

Here’s a short video on what the RCC office looks like and the people behind the business:

Don’t be fooled by faulty warranties again!

The next time your home is experiencing a basement water leak or foundation issue, reach out to RCC Waterproofing. Join other customers who’ve hired the company and had a chance to share their experience on our website. Find out how their services can help you.

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