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JBG Flooring & Contracting

Who is JBG Flooring & Contracting?

In 1954 Dino Scarola’s grandfather left Italy and came to Canada to start his own tile setting business. He was trained  using the old European method, the same method that was used to lay tile in the Vatican, and he passed his skills on to his family. The method is called dry packing; it uses a concrete sand mix, which levels the floor more effectively than contemporary methods of tile setting.

JBG is currently owned by Dino and his two brothers who have all been tile setting for as long as they can remember. Dino told us that one of his earliest memories was of trying to sneak out to a job site in the back of his father’s truck when he was three years old.

The brothers never questioned going into tile setting. Their father gave them the opportunity to pick any career they wished. However, at the end of the day, “it’s in our blood. We are fourth generation tile setters, and we are now prepping the next generation, in fact (Dino’s nephew) is 11 years old and already trying his hand at tile setting.”

What is JBG Flooring & Contracting?

The company was incorporated in 1968 and was named after Dino’s grandfather’s three children, Joseph (Dino’s father), Bianco and Guilie.

JBG Flooring & Contracting now has two offices, one administrative office in downtown Toronto and another at their warehouse in Mississauga where their workers come to get their materials.

JBG also has a branch that handles wood flooring.

“The installation of tile is an art form, not just a trade job, and this is something we try to pass on to all of our setters.” Dino tells us.

The JBG team is very passionate about their work and they have a two month training program, which is an hour a day every day, for all their new tile setters (no matter the level of experience they might come in with). For the first two months, their new setters will only do 3 day jobs (these are small jobs such as kitchen backsplashes). During this probationary period JBG Flooring ensures that one of the brothers can easily oversee or takeover the work if required without disrupting other projects they might be working on. This time also gives the JBG Brothers a chance to see the quality of the setters work and to see if they are good at the other half of the job. “Tile setting is just 50% of the job. The other 50% is customer service, with clients, with the team and how the tile setter himself handles stress. We want to make sure our workers are reliable and on time and always give the best quality of work,” Dino explains. In fact, JBG guarantees that their setters will be on time, because if they don’t show, the client is credited $200 for each day of missed or delayed work.

JBG has 31 setters on staff and each of them went through the same vigorous screening process (only 1 in 10 setters manage to pass through the training).

Their clients also have access to their tile setters 24/7 and JBG will not take on a project unless one of the three JBG Brothers can oversee the work.

What does JBG Flooring & Contracting specialize in?

JBG Flooring specializes in high quality tile setting for custom homes.

What does JBG Flooring & Contracting enjoy about their work?

Dino Scarola enjoys every aspect of his job. “The very best part of my job,” he tells us, “is being able to see a project from when it is just wood and dry wall and see it turn from that into the final finished product.”


JBG Flooring had an extremely challenging project in Yorkville. The tile choice was oversized glass tiles (24”x36”), which, by their nature, are difficult to cut and lay. “For tiles like this you need perfectly level floors and walls to lay it,” Dino explained, “which is why our method is perfect for these kinds of jobs.” Both Dino and the client were very happy with the finished job.

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