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Electricians – JTL & Son Limited

Who is Jim Lemesurier?

Jim received his first electric shock when he was six years old. He isn’t sure if that was what cemented his desire to be an electrician, but he is sure that he has never wanted to be anything else. In fact, when he was seven or eight years old he made five life goals: One, he was going to be an electrician. Two, he would have his own business. Three, he would have two people working for him. Four, he would get married at 28 (he in fact got married at 21!). And five, he would be a millionaire. Jim has not achieved that last point yet!

Jim attended a trade based school, Timothy Eaton Secondary School (TESS), where he took a variety of electrician and electrician related courses. TESS would divide half a school year to academics and the other half to shop courses. Jim took all the courses he could that related to his desire to be an electrician. In fact, because of all the courses he took, when he went on to his apprenticeship he was only required to do 1600 hours because of the credits he had accumulated in school. The standard was to take 2000 hours per 5 terms.

After his apprenticeship he received his CFQ (Certificate of Qualifications) making him a fully licensed electrician. At the time of his certification if he worked for 2 more years he could also become a Master Electrician. He went on to get his Master Electrician license as well.

Jim has now been in business for 28 years and he has been doing electrical work for 35 years.

What is JTL & Son Limited?

JTL & Son Limited was incorporated in 1985 and it was named after Jim. A friend advised him to stamp on “& Son” to make his company appear more established. The name is now a fact, as one of his sons now works with him. Jim was firm on explaining that his son worked “with” him and not “for” him. “We are a group, we are like the fingers on a hand, and if one doesn’t work then nothing will work. You have to work together so that it all works nice and smoothly.” Jim explained.

JTL & Son currently employs three people full-time. Jim handles the office, administrative and some electrical work and they also employ an administrative assistant part-time. JTL’s electricians are rarely in the office and do most of their work and arrangements over the phone while they are not on a job.

All of JTL’s employees are insured and licensed electricians. JTL also provides a one year warranty for all of their work (this is an industry standard.)

JTL is also a proud sponsor for two baseball teams in Markham, one that Jim, himself, plays on and one that his son used to be a member of.

What does JTL & Son specialize in?

“We specialize in customer satisfaction. We make sure that they are always happy with our work.” Jim explains.

JTL’s project specializations include knob and tube replacement for century old homes. They also pride themselves on being able to go into someone’s house and leave it as clean as it was when they came in. “We leave very little damage behind.” Jim explained. “We do a lot of pot light installations, and when do; we don’t do any extra holes.”

JTL will do all electrical work in the house. “We’ve been out to change fuses for people and even just a plain light bulb.” In fact most of JTL’s work is residential, approximately 95% of it.

What does Jim enjoy about his work?

Jim loves dealing with people. “Seeing that once the work done that the customer is happy is very rewarding.”

Have you ever hired JTL & Son limited? Tell us about your experience here!

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