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Keep cool and carry on: How to prevent air loss this summer

The experts at Icynene talk about preventing summer air loss

Oh, Canada! With the beauty of the four seasons we are constantly putting pressure on our HVAC systems to keep us warm during those long, winter months, then cool in the summer when we need to crank the air to comfortably enjoy our homes and escape the extreme heat.

Did  you know, according to a report by IESO, air conditioning use in the summer months can account for an additional $200 in energy costs for homeowners with central air conditioning? To provide a visual, typical cracks and gaps found in a home, which can measure up to a size of a basketball, also leak enough air to fill two blimps everyday. Not only is this a waste of energy but also a significant impact on costs for homeowners.

There are several tips to reduce cooling costs in the summer, whether this includes using fans where possible instead of an air conditioner, upgrading to energy efficient appliances, or only using the air conditioner in off-peak hours. Insulation should also be considered. While many people only think of insulation in terms of keeping heat in, good insulation such as those made of spray foam also helps to keep cool air in, putting less strain on your air condition and your wallet.

air loss

Traditional fiberglass and cellulose insulation can sometimes be loosely packed within walls and the roof allowing air to slip through, leading to unwanted stuffy warm air penetrating through in the summer as well as the escape of air-conditioned cool air. Fiberglass insulation can also sag and settle over time, creating gaps or leaks and increasing cooling and heating expenses. As spray foam insulation expands up to 100 times once it is applied, the likelihood of such gaps is greatly reduced, keeping costs down and creating savings all year-round. Icynene spray foam insulation, for example, works as a two-in-one material as it not only acts as insulation, but also an air barrier effectively sealing your home and greatly reducing any air leakage.

Healthy home air is also essential in the summer as allergies are also a nuisance this time of year. With traditional insulation, airborne allergens and dust can enter the home, the insulation itself can also sometimes break apart and create dust particles. Spray foam insulation’s air sealing qualities help prevent allergens from entering, improving indoor air quality.

Summer in Canada is meant to be savoured and enjoyed, don’t let the cost of cooling your home and keeping your family comfortable distract you. A little research into what your home needs, implementing energy savings practices and considering spray foam insulation will help you keep your cool this summer.

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