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How To: Keep the frost out

Looking out the window and seeing a fresh blanket of snow on the ground outside can be beautiful – especially if you’re not out in it – but what if it’s creeping inside through your windows and doors? Window condensation is a normal part of the winter season, albeit inconvenient. If the problem isn’t taken care of right away, excess condensation can damage window sills. Worse, it can turn to ice and form on the windows and frames, causing damage to your home. Here’s what you need to do at the first sight of the problem.

Use a dehumidifier

Yes, you read that right. When you’re making tea or cooking pasta in your home, that moisture lingers and collects on the cold windows. A dehumidifier will help reduce the excess humidity in your home, helping to prevent a condensation issue.

Use an exhaust fan

A lack of ventilation is what’s contributing to condensation in windows and outside of doors and it begins inside the kitchen. Anytime you’re cooking or taking a shower, that hot water rises and has nowhere to go. An exhaust fan will push that air out, so the snow and ice won’t come in.

Bring up the heat

Chances are good your thermostat is set to a toasty temperature during the winter, but there’s yet another reason why you should keep your home comfortably warm. Warm temperatures help keep frost from forming. Another alternative is to use a space heater next to the room or door that gets a lot of frost build-up.

Reseal all joints

A quick fix is to reseal the joints of the windows that are getting the most ice and snow to keep the elements from moving into your home. In the spring, however, you might want to consider bringing in an expert to check the weather-stripping and determine if it should be replaced. If you live in an older house with windows and doors that haven’t been changed, it might be time to have those replaced as well. We have compiled a list of experts you can consult for advice.

Try  any combination of these solutions and find out which one works to stop your windows and doors from frosting over.

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