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Keep your Kitchen in Check this Back to School Season with these Tips and Tricks

Back to school season is always one of the craziest times of the summer, making it easy for regular household chores to get pushed onto the back burner.

This time of year typically means preparing early morning breakfasts and packing lunches five days a week. All the time spent in the kitchen makes it a critical place to have proper organization and working appliances. With this guide you will be able to keep your kitchen in check and make each morning run as smoothly as possible with only a few minutes a day!

Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Tips You Can Do in Less than 10 Minutes

What would you do if you fridge or oven stopped working one morning? Regular upkeep such as replacing worn appliance parts will improve the appliance’s efficiency and save you from a list of repairs. Take just 10 minutes out of your day and try one of these quick and easy maintenance tips that can potentially save you a lot of time and money.

Clean the refrigerator coils

Having clean refrigerator coils can increase efficiency of your fridge by as much as 30%.

Different models have coils in slightly different places but most commonly they are either on the back on the fridge or behind the grill or kickplate along the bottom of the fridge.  To clean the coils just vacuum off the dust every 6-12 months.

Check to be sure that the oven door has a tight seal.

Over 20% of the oven’s heat can escape if the door is not properly sealed costing you money and hurting the environment. If you notice any heat leaking out be sure to replace the gasket.

-Locate the rubber gasket around the border inside the oven door.
-Run your fingers along it and check for any torn or deformed areas on your seal.
-Next time your oven is turned on, feel along the door for heat leaks.

Repair rusty or chipped dishrack tines.

The rust from rusty tines can stick to and ruin silverware and dishes.
-Get a tine repair kit and use the sealant over any rusty or chipped tines.
-Let them dry for at least 24 hours and voila! Your tines will be as good as new!

Replace or clean dirty vent filters.

If you have charcoal or paper filters do not attempt to wash them, they will need to be replaced.
-Metal-mesh grease filters can be washed in your dishwasher or by hand in soapy water.

Clean the stovetop drip bowls.

Clean drip bowls as soon as the spill happens. If the spill burns are hardened on you may need to replace them.

To clean your drip bowls, just remove the drip bowls from under your cooking element, soak in soapy water and then give them a little scrub. Then put them back into place.

Change your refrigerator’s water filter.

Water filters in fridge’s need to be changed every 3-6 months depending on how often you use the water dispenser and the quality of the water supply.   When water filters aren’t clean they don’t efficiently remove contaminants out of the water and can even push more impurities into the water than would be without using a filter al all.
-You will need to purchase a new water filter for your model number and it should come with instructions.
-All models are a little bit different but usually all you need to do is turn the current filter one quarter inch rotation and popping it out or locking it in place.

Refrigerator Organization made Easy

Giving the fridge a good organization is a must for the back to school season! Gotta’ make room for all those cheese strings and juice boxes. What I often find however, is that the darn thing is back to its disorganized state within just a few days.

Using plastic bins to organize the contents of your fridge means there is no more moving dozens of items just to get at the maple syrup in the back. No more forgotten wrapped up chicken fingers lost in the corner only to be found a month later. And the aftermath of exploding milk cartons or juice jugs is contained to just the bin.  An organized fridge with bins can be truly breathtaking for those who like to keep things organized.

Another great thing about the bins is that they can be labeled, which really helps to keep the fridge in its organized condition. Labeling a bin as snacks for example is a great place to keep already cut- up healthy afterschool snacks. Add precut cheese, veggies, apples and oranges to the bin. The kids can also keep their half a cup of juice in the bin for a later time so it’s not left on a shelf to get spilt over.

Keeping your kitchen in check with proper maintenance and organization doesn’t take a lot of time and can make a big difference in the day. Beware though, once you start using bins and doing a few repairs yourself you may find it hard to stop!

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