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Keeping cool without a pool

Would you love to have a cool refreshing way to relax at home during the summer months, but don’t have the space or want the added maintenance and expense that comes with pool ownership? You are certainly not alone. You’ll find that this is a common sentiment among many Canadian home owners.

While our summers may be shorter than they are in other places, for many provinces, the weather can still be intensely hot. So, there’s nothing like having the ability to find refreshment in your own backyard, especially if you have kids.

Here are some alternatives for pool-free, backyard refreshment.

Patio Misting System

keep cool

Source: MistKing

Misting systems are a common sight at amusement parks, summer festivals and other summertime venues, keeping patrons cool and comfortable during the heat of the day. However, there are also residential versions of these low-pressure misting systems, available at most home improvement stores across Canada.

With many DIY systems retailing for less than $50, a cool misting system is an effective, low-cost means of keeping your family cooler outside, by emitting a cool, light water mist from small nozzles mounted overhead. Experts report that these systems can reduce the temperature in the immediate surrounding area by as much as 11° on a hot day.

A misting system is a great way to keep kids, guests, and even pets cool during the hot summer months. These kits attached easily to patio umbrellas, awnings, pergolas, gazebos and more. In the fall, simply remove the PVC tubing and brass nozzle system, then pack it away till the following year.

Backyard Splash Pad

If you have little ones who enjoy visiting the local splashpad, then you already know just how much fun they can be. You might also already know that on a hot summer day, or on a long weekend, public splashpads can become very crowded.

The good news is that anyone can recreate the splashy fun at home in their own backyard. While the average homeowner might not be able to set up water cannons and a giant tipping bucket, there are a lot of different home splash pad options available, from a fun and frugal PVC pipe and hose set up, to actual DIY splash pad kits and custom splash pad contractors who can turn your backyard into a mini waterpark.

Swim Spa

keeping cool without a pool

Source: Arctic Spas

Adding a swim spa is an excellent alternative to a traditional inground swimming pool. They allow you to swim and enjoy soaking in the cool water on a hot day, but without dominating a small backyard with a large pool.  They are also reported to be easier to maintain less costly to run.

To allow swimming in place (like running in place on a treadmill), swim spas come with either a tether system or current producing jets. When you just want to relax, you can enjoy lounge seating, head rests, and many of the same features you would find in a hot tub.

“Swim all year, hot tub all year, entertain the kids all year, and save A LOT of money compared to buying a traditional swimming pool.” (Arctic Spas)

Hose and Sprinkler

keeping cool without a pool

We just couldn’t talk about cooling off in the backyard without a nod to that old time classic of simply attaching a sprinkler to your hose and letting the kids run wild. True, it’s the most basic way to cool off on a hot summer day. But it always was, and always will be a lot of fun! And, on those scorching days, your lawn could probably use a good drink anyway.

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