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How to Decorate Your Childs Room on a Budget

Maybe you’ve just moved into a new house and promised your little one a special new bedroom design as a way to make the change feel exciting rather that scary. Or you might just have a child with a big imagination and a sudden desire for a space that reflects his or her personality. No matter the reason behind the home improvement update or the size of your budget, updating your child’s bedroom’s interior decor can be fun?(especially if you do it together) and can have a powerful impact that will leave you and your child smiling.

Home Improvement: Creative Closets

In your child’s eyes, that closet represents a dark place full of potentially scary creatures. By livening up this space, you can kill two birds (or monsters) with one stone with this home improvement.

Your child can regard a closet as a happy extension of the bedroom and you can add a pop of visual excitement without spending tons of money. Particularly useful for parents with a child with eccentric taste, you can deem the closet your child’s free zone. Let your little boy choose his own paint colour or let your little girl choose whatever bold wallpaper she likes, and remember to make this a group effort! Even if you’re not in love with the idea of electric orange walls, this is an easy compromise and a way to make this small “room” your child’s own. This home improvement is a cost effective and fun way to personalizing your child’s space.

If clutter is an issue – isn’t it always? – and you have a little wiggle room in your budget, invest in a door rack, hanging shelves and over-the-door hooks that will make keeping that closet organized and beautiful in a cinch. With clothing and toys neatly in place, those creepy places for unknown horrors to hide will disappear — just the thing to keep your little one (and you) from those feelings of closet dread.

Interior Décor: Temporary Touches

Just like clothes, your child will outgrow his bedroom interior décor. Avoid repeat decorating overhauls by adding temporary, budget-friendly touches to your kids’ rooms. Now for the fun stuff:

Buy the wallpaper that you both love, but don’t adhere it to your walls. Purchase large canvases and cover them with the wallpaper instead. Hang these panels a few inches apart, side by side along one wall to add the print you like to the room without the cost and commitment. Recover them later or use them elsewhere in your home at a later date.

Stay on budget by looking around for great flea market or yard sale bargains — simply cover up old paintings you’re not too excited about. Or, for fresh canvases, take a trip to your local arts and crafts store and pick up a few of their bargain canvases. Since you’ll be covering them, choosing a canvas with high-end finishes is unnecessary.

Look for decals. If your child is begging for a mural or has an affinity for bold design elements, decals are easy to secure to walls and peel off in an instant.

Pick up an accent rug. A crazy zig-zag print, one with leopard spots, a round rug that looks like a baseball, a neon blue carpet, a shaggy light pink dream – small accent rugs make a big (yet totally temporary) statement. Even better? You can use accent rugs anywhere and they’re easy to roll up and store until you find a new place for them — like a younger sibling’s future bedroom. 

Home Improvement: A Selective Palette

Start with a neutral palette that will last – use soft tones that you would use in your own room as wall colour – think cream, beige, khaki, or white with a hint of colour. Now, create an accent wall. Paint one wall a different colour. A can of paint and a paintbrush is all it takes — well, and some help from your little girl or boy makes it that much more exciting. The best part? When your child is tired of the colour, it doesn’t take much to prime and cover it with a new shade!

Interior Décor: Rejoice in Repurposing

Repurpose everything. If you want to be able to change things up according to your child’s evolving taste, sanding down and painting a chest of drawers you found for $25 actually sounds like fun. And when that initial lime green is suddenly “so not cool” you won’t feel distressed over layering on a couple new coats of a different hue. Keep in mind that this is an ideal project to complete with the help of your little assistant.

Repurposing is also your way to create a lovely space that your child can grow into and that is easy to alter slowly over time. Look for distressed bed frames like captain’s beds for boys and four-poster frames or metal frames for girls. Find interesting decorative pieces such as vintage anchors, wooden school desks, cozy chairs and vintage picture frames. Enjoy this process – it’s a lot of fun.

Remember, no matter how cute those ideas are in that catalogue you’re flipping through, you don’t need to splurge on the high-end pieces or finishes. With a little time spent looking for unique furniture and finding budget-friendly matches to the luxury looks you fall in love with, your child will have a kid-friendly space with room to grow.

By Tarah Damask

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