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These kitchen appliances will make your life easier

What would your kitchen be without all the convenient appliances? Sure, we would all have a refrigerator and range, but it’s those other small kitchen appliances that make cooking in the kitchen fast and efficient. Whether you are a budding barista or a rising baking star, here are some great new small appliances that are definite must haves!

Nespresso Evoluo

Who doesn’t want to kick start a busy day with a great cup of coffee or espresso? Some may opt for a large state-of-the-art imported espresso machine, but for a lot of us, we want something quick and easy to use.

Nespresso has you covered with their VertuoLine machines. These stylish modern devices give you the same smooth taste of coffee and espresso as the fancy large machines at a lower cost and less clean up. There is a full line to choose from, so you can find one that fits your lifestyle, but I’m a fan of the new Evoluo.

For me, coffee has to be piping hot, but I know some people like it a little closer to room temp; the Evoluo has new state of the art technology that allows it to control temperature so you get your coffee exactly how you like it, all topped with that delicious crema! COST: $249.

HXEvoluo VertuoLine Red - $249

Cuisinart Steam, Convection & Toaster Oven

Recently, a friend was getting married and she was registering for a toaster. She asked me which one I would choose, my answer – “none of them.”

Living in a condo, counter space is hot property. I also like to be energy efficient whenever possible. That’s why Cuisinart’s multi-functional oven is ideal. It is compact, stylish and uses less energy than a big oven. It toasts, it heats food (soggy pizza gets crunchy again), you can bake small items AND you can now steam veggies and fish! Steam heat is a healthy way to cook and it keeps your food moist inside, but crispy brown on the outsides. COST: $299.

Looks yummy!

Looks yummy!

T-FAL Actifry

Chicken wings and fries are some of my favourite ‘cheat’ day foods, but the calories and oil can be so bad for my health. Now I don’t have to worry – the Actifry only needs one spoon of oil to cook 1.5kg of crispy french fries and filters out any excess grease!

There are many models of Actifry depending on the needs of your family. It’s also not just for frying; you can roast a ham or make a creamy risotto. For a large family, the 2-in-1 would be ideal. It allows you to cook 2 items at once, so you can make chicken and veggies at the same time as well as have your meal ready in minutes.  Like other T-Fal products, it’s also ceramic-coated, so you don’t have to worry about anything sticking. COST: $399.

Panasonic Cyclonic

How many times have you tried to heat up some soup or pasta in the microwave and the outside gets piping hot while the centre stays cold? Well, say good-bye to that with the new
Panasonic Cyclonic microwave. Unlike other microwaves that deliver energy in a straight line, the Cyclonic Inverter technology outputs three-dimensional waves of power in a circular motion. This means that food gets heated evenly – no more hot or cold spots.

The microwave itself is a sleek modern design with a touch screen control panel similar to your Smartphone. COST: $499.

HXPanasonic Cyclonic


We are told we need 8 glass of water a day. I always find this so hard to do – water can get boring! Not if you have a SodaStream. SodaStream allows you to make your own sparkling water, fruit flavoured sodas and even colas at the simple press of a button.  The newest SodaStream Power machine adds more control and allows for 3 levels of carbonation for your sparkling beverage in a sleek modern designed machine.

All you use is tap water and you are ready to go. No need to worry about what chemicals are in your kids’ favourite drinks because you make it yourselves. If you are dieting, this is a great way to add some pizzazz to regular water. COST: $179.


It’s not just appliances that can make your life easier. Take a look at these handy tools! We hope you have enough room in your home for all of them!

Whether you’ve just renovated a kitchen with a kitchen planning and renovations specialist, or are updating your current kitchen, you need the right kitchen appliances that will make your life easier. Don’t forget to use our directory to find an appliance specialist to help you along the way!

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