Kitchen Countertop Sink Round Up

Never underestimate the kitchen sink.

When it comes to kitchen design, a lot of attention gets directed at the countertops, cabinetry, and appliances. But there isn’t a meal that gets made without the sink at the center.

Since it’s such a hub of kitchen activity, why not consider moving your kitchen sink up the evolutionary ladder of interior choices? With a range of functional and aesthetic options on the market, you can play with materials, shape, and special features.

Here’s a list of some sleek — sometimes surprising — and creative choices for when you’re ready to actually throw in everything and the kitchen sink.


Slender faucet plumbing gently arcs to futuristic nozzles, flanked by delicate levers and handles. Materials featured in this Canadian company’s ultra-high-concept designs include satiny steels and luscious composites, available in almost any color imaginable.

Arcon sink and faucetBlanco sink and faucetBlanco faucet and sink

Franke Kindred:

Another sink-maker situated in the great North, this company specializes in high-end granite and steel. From circular to dramatic polyhedral units that feature basins in multiple sizes, the sinks that Kindred comes up with also emphasize customization. Want a built-in soap dispenser? Need a commercial-grade waste disposer? It’s pick-and-choose from its spectrum of accessories.

Franke Kindred sinks
Source:Franke Kindred

American Standard:

Start with the Silhouette Collection, and this company’s ideas about built-in strainers, including drainage racks for dishwashing, and even sound deadening materials will get your creative (culinary-minded) juices flowing. Based in Ontario, it’s another home-based sink innovator.

Collinna kitchen faucet

Triple Basins:

Sometimes you need more than two. Having small, large, and medium basins in a single countertop sink means room for dishes, washing vegetables, and having an open bay for peelings, shells and whatever else your food-prep requires. Fixture Universe carries an enormous selection of triple basins, and it ships directly to Canada.

triple basin kitchen sink

Copper Kitchen Sinks:

When kitchen buffs think copper they probably first think cookware, but Mexican Sink Concepts is putting the amber luster of the copper pan into the countertop sink as well. Available in square, rectangular, and rounded shapes, the finish on these can range from traditional coppery orange to a subtle brushed nickel. Want a bit of studded banding, or an elaborate floral facing? These sinks offer an old-world style playground and your contemporary/unusual fix. Based in Mexico, the company ships to Canada.

copper kitchen sink

What are your thoughts on kitchen sinks? Should it be a showcase centerpiece? What designs most tickle your interior-decoration fancy? Or, do you like something subtler but full of cool features …

Send along your favorite examples, and let’s rethink the sink!

By James O’Brien