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4 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes You Must Avoid

When potential home buyers go to an open house, the room they flock to first is the kitchen. A kitchen remodel can add more value to a home than virtually any other rehabilitation project. Even if you’re not selling, kitchen upgrades make the most-used room in the house safer, more convenient and easier to operate. But a lot can go wrong during a kitchen makeover…

Follow this guide to avoiding these top remodeling mistakes. You might also want to consider calling one of our kitchen planning and renovation specialists who can help you avoid these mistakes!

Considering Appliances as an Afterthought

Focus first on appliances.* New appliances add value for two reasons. First, they simply look better than old, outdated appliances. This is important whether you’re selling, or for your own quality of life. Second, new appliances function better and consume less energy. As a homeowner, this means lower monthly utility bills. If you’re planning to sell, this allows you to position your home as modern, green and energy efficient, all of which become more important selling points every year.

New appliances can make your kitchen look quite sharp!

New appliances can make your kitchen look quite sharp!

If you’ve already purchased new appliances for your home, make sure they stay in working order! Consult our directory for appliance repair specialists. They can do routine check-ups on your appliances to ensure they’re in optimal working order.

Forgetting to Check on Old Electrical and Plumbing

Old homes can be charming and quaint – but they can also be dangerous money pits. Old architecture is good, original hardwood floors are good and rustic furniture is good – outdated plumbing and electricity, however, is not.

Hire an inspector to look through your kitchen’s plumbing and electrical wiring, and budget some of your renovation funds toward making necessary repairs. Neglected electrical and plumbing will eventually lead to more costly problems or, even worse, a potential flood or fire.

You do NOT want these problems occurring in your home, especially if you're about to sell it!

You do NOT want these problems occurring in your home, especially if you’re about to sell it!

Not even sure if the plumbing needs updating in your home? What about the electrical work? Thankfully, we can put you in touch with the right experts. Take a look at our extensive directory of plumbing contractors. They’ll be able to identify any problems with old pipes. While you’re at it, why don’t you use our directory to find an electrical contractor in your neighbourhood? Get your house in tiptop condition before buyers come in!

Updating Everything But the Lighting

Other updates don’t matter – or their benefits are dramatically reduced – by ignoring the lighting that will illuminate them. Lighting improves aesthetics, makes it easier to prepare and cook food, and makes the kitchen safer by reducing the likelihood of accidents.


No kitchen makeover is complete without lighting!

Don’t you want to show off your brand new kitchen appliances with the right lighting? This expert tells us about all the different ways we can transform the look of any kitchen with the right kitchen lighting.

Not Planning for Storage

If a makeover doesn’t include appropriate pantry, shelving, drawer and cabinet space, it is inevitable that the kitchen will look and feel cramped and cluttered, with utensils and appliances taking up precious counter space. Cramped kitchens are hard to work in and don’t function well. Make sure to budget for storage.

creative_kitchen_storageThere are so many ways to get creative with kitchen storage. Speak to a kitchen renovation expert to find out how!

Kitchen remodels are smart home investments – but no remodeling job is better than a bad remodeling job. Avoid making the critical mistakes of leaving old appliances in a new kitchen, not planning for adequate storage, forgetting about lighting and neglecting old wiring and plumbing. An expert in kitchen renovations will make sure these mistakes don’t occur in your home. Take a look at our directory to find an expert to transform your kitchen!

*Source: 247 Mass

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