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Kitchen renovation trends that are making a comeback

As a homeowner, you need to make decisions about giving your home a makeover because remodeling can increase home equity. Don’t all homeowners want that? The kitchen is the first place that can increase your home’s value. A kitchen renovator can work to create your dream space and help you increase a future return on investment.

If you plan on remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to know what’s popular now. Sometimes what’s popular can be totally unique, or it can be a look that was trendy years ago. As it turns out, some kitchen trends from years ago are making a comeback. Check them out below.


If you think of kitchens dating from 1995 and earlier, chances are good they had wallpaper instead of paint on the wall. In the mid 1990s, homeowners started ditching the dated wallpaper and opted for paint instead. While paint is still a great option for your kitchen, adding wallpaper to your kitchen is now making a comeback. Instead of using a separate color paint for an accent wall, homeowners are opting for wallpaper to give a room depth. That’s because wallpaper was generally thought of as a background accessory. Now, it’s being used at the forefront of any room.

Not only that, but wallpaper contributes to the overall look of a room. A homeowner’s choice can reflect a specific mood or look of a room. It can even influence the decor of a room. For example, a popular choice is a subtle look on the wall, which would influence the room’s subtle mood. A bold look, on the other hand, can capture attention and can be paired with equally bold accessories to match your personality.

Thanks to technological advances, wallpaper is easier than ever to apply. Check out this piece on the different types of wallpaper on the market.

However, there’s just one catch: while wallpapers are easy to install on the wall thanks to these advances, they’re still difficult to take down should you change your mind. You’ll still need to arm yourself with a steamer or strip the wall by hand to remove it.

If you’re looking to remodel today, adding wallpaper is no longer a thing of the past. Call a wallpaper contractor to visit your home and help you get started on the transformation.


These modern and contemporary looks should be shown off in your home, not hidden away!

These modern and contemporary looks should be shown off in your home, not hidden away!

Closed Kitchens

Open concept homes have been dominating the marketplace for years now. However, while homeowners may love to cook and entertain at the same time with an open concept kitchen, closed kitchens are becoming popular choices again. For some people, a closed kitchen has to do with tradition. Thanks to small apartments and shrinking pieces of land, open kitchens and dining areas became very common as a result of space utilization. But that’s changing. New buildings and homes now feature separate kitchens and formal dining areas. There’s a sense of reliving childhood memories by going back to tradition.

Not only that, but the separation between cooking and hosting is also coming back. Some hosts want a separate area to entertain than they do for cooking and preparing food. Again, this became the reality for most when moving into small homes and condos.

While closed kitchens can create nice division in a home, they’re not typically recommended for small condo spaces. When space is already limited, the last thing you want to do is close off spaces. Plus, a poorly designed kitchen can drive away renters and buyers when you put your place on the market.

The best decision you can make if you’re looking to makeover your kitchen is to contact a kitchen renovator who can assist you in the design plan to make this happen!

closed kitchen


For a few years, ceramic tile, hardwood floors and stone countertops ruled the kitchen must-haves. Today, many are shifting back to laminate, a product that was widely used many years ago. Laminate flooring has changed dramatically over the years. While your super-cheap laminate does still look, well, cheap, there are some laminate flooring options that are stronger, more durable, and more attractive. Because they look the same as hardwood, but are much cheaper and easier to install, many homeowners are adding this floor back into their kitchens. After all, if they want to make a change once this floor is in, it’s easy and less expensive to do so. We have an extensive directory of flooring contractors you can call to get this project underway.

Along with floors, laminate countertops are also being widely used again. Like the change in laminate flooring, laminate countertops have become more attractive over the years, allowing homeowners to get the look of stone without the price and upkeep. Plus, if you’re a homeowner who likes to change your kitchen often, a laminate countertop is the best choice if you plan on replacing it in a few years anyway.

These floors look just like hardwood, don't they?

These floors look just like hardwood, don’t they?

Separate Dining Rooms

Formal dining rooms have been built in homes for centuries. However, only recently have formal dining rooms been replaced with offices or guest bedrooms, as most people preferred the eat-in kitchen to the formal sit-down area. Today, though, things are changing. Families are no longer aiming for the quick dinner in the kitchen. Instead, having a place to spend some time together eating a tasty meal is important, which is why many homeowners are opting for that separate dining room space. If you are renovating your kitchen, decide now if you are keeping your kitchen table or if you want to have a separate area for food.

dining areas

How nice is this dining space?

What’s old is new again, and the same goes for kitchen remodeling. Are you ready to renovate your kitchen with today’s top trends? Find a kitchen planner and renovator near you by using our directory. Once you’ve read through customer reviews and hired a contractor, work with them to create a space that’s perfect for you and your family!

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