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Kitchen tech you didn’t know you needed (but definitely do)!

When it comes to kitchen technologies, there tends to be a lot of “new and/or improved” out there that most people don’t actually need. We’re not going to name names, but these items are almost always space-hogging unitaskers that solve only the most imaginary of problems. That’s why went in search of new kitchen tech to launch our first in a series of small appliance reviews and reviews of other products for your life@home.

Life@Home small appliance reviews

The KitchenAid Multi-Cooker

small appliance reviews canada

Source: KitchenAid

We’re not going to lie, KitchenAid products have always been among our favourites. They’re simply iconic and always function just as beautifully as they look. So when we got the chance to test drive their fabulous new Multi-Cooker for our first article in the series small appliance reviews, we were seriously jumping for joy!

Appearance. This well-built, 4-quart Multi-Cooker takes certain style cues from a slow cooker and imbues them with the curvaceous profile and meticulous details we’ve come to expect from KitchenAid. The version we tested out was stainless; although it’s also available in candy apple red and black!

The Multi-Cooker features a 4-quart metal pot insert, steam and roast basket, as well as a robust, tempered glass cover with a side the allows for easy draining.The addition of an optional stir tower accessory provides even greater performance power, by constantly stirring certain high maintenance dishes like risotto and steel cut oats.

Function. The Multi-Cooker provides the slow and low functionality of a slow cooker, but doesn’t stop there. This versatile piece of kitchen technology allows you to cook in the way you would directly on your stove top, but much more efficiently, thanks to 10 pre programmed settings. These settings include: sear, boil or steam, saute, yogurt, risotto, rice, soup, plus high and low slow cooking.

The Verdict. We tested the KitchenAid Multi-Cooker out by preparing a batch of our favourite beef bourguignon. Having the soup setting makes the sauteing, boiling, simmering and warming process extremely easy. Everything from the beef to the mushrooms cooked to absolute perfection, and thanks to the non-stick surface of the insert, clean up could not have been easier.  And the verdict? We’re pretty sure even Julia herself would approve!

More outstanding kitchen tech to outfit your kitchen

BALL® FRESHTECH Automatic Home Canning System

Just imagine, the taste and freshness of grandma’s homemade preserves, without all of the steps grandma had to go through to make them? We’re definitely on board! We can just imagine the taste of apricot pineapple jam on homemade fresh from the oven biscuits. Yep, this is definitely going onto our Christmas list!

PerfecTemp™ Programmable Tea Steeper & Kettle

Yes, we know that a perfectly steeped cuppa can be achieved with a classic kettle and a timer. But seriously, sometimes, when the kiddos are running around like wild beasts and the dog is on a rampage, we can completely forget about that perfectly timed cup and end up with something fairly undrinkable. This steeper makes brewing the perfect cup from loose leaves or bags a no brainer, even in the busiest household. It also allows you to brew different types of tea at the right temperature, rather than the standard full boil.

Instant Pot Smart Pressure Cooker

Did you know that pressure cookers are back in style? Well they are, and they have added a few bells and whistles, like 24 hour delay and pre programmed cooking options. Most notably, this offering from Instant Pot actually features smart technology, which allows you to monitor your meal with a free app for your ios device.

BREVILLE The Grind Control

small appliance reviews canada

Source: Breville

There’s a good chance that you don’t think you need a new coffee maker. But if you (like most people these days) think that your pod brewer makes a perfect cup, then you’re likely not acquainted with the joy of a freshly ground bean. This coffee grinder and maker from Breville lets you perfectly control the grind size and the coffee volume. Only want to brew a single cup? No problem, The Grind Control has a single cup brew setting.

The Life@Home Product Review Series

eieihome is pleased to introduce the first in a series of product reviews. From time to time, we will be featuring review articles about the items that simplify and improve your life@home, from small appliance reviews to reviews of tools, vacuums, bed linens and much more.

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