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Large scale renovations need experienced contractors

Sometimes your home requires a more extensive project than just a basement or bathroom renovation. When that time comes, it is important for you to be in a position to select the best possible large scale renovation contractor for the job. The reality is that, while some contractors may be willing to take on bigger projects beyond their qualifications, they may not have the expertise in large scale projects to do the job right. That’s why sat down with Andrew Bridi of On Centre, a GTA industry leader in major home renovation projects.

Choosing the right team: “ When you are looking to complete significant multi-floor renovation projects, you need to go with someone who is set up to conduct projects of that scale.” Bridi explains. One of the biggest mistakes that people make in these situations is opting for smaller contractors who just do not have the quality or quantity of trades required for a bigger project.

Go big or go home: “ A project that is larger in scope requires a more stable contractor that is adequately prepared for the task at hand.” Bridi explains. When you specialize in large scale renovation projects, you are forced to have separate and qualified trades, in other words you should never see an electrician doing plumbing.

You get what you pay for: “ Big project contractors come at a slightly higher price point because you aren’t getting single tradesmen working on multiple jobs they aren’t specialized in” Birdi explains. When you attempt to save money by having one trade working multiple components of a project, the work will inevitably suffer.

Save yourself the trouble: “ We often have had to bail out clients who have tried to get big projects done by small contractors and it never ends well.” Bridi says. It is imperative you reach out to contractor’s previous clients, especially those who have a project underway, to help make the best possible selection.

Better from the first step: “ We pride ourselves on doing the job right from day one by providing design drawings to clients to give them a better sense of exactly what they can expect from us.” Birdi explains. On Centre also employs advanced in-house project management so the client knows what’s going on every step of the way.

If you are looking to inject contemporary design innovation into your next large scale renovation, look no further than On Centre. They are backed by two decades worth of satisfied clients and can be found here on

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