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Want to protect your home? Download these home security apps

Home security is a necessity to protect your home. Thanks to technology, home security is not only easier to manage, but can be done so with the touch of a button. After you’ve worked with an expert to secure your home with home security tools, download any of these apps to take security to the next level.

Viper Connect

Do you find yourself wanting to go on vacation, but postpone them because you’re afraid to leave the house behind – especially when the kids are staying behind? Then you may want to consider downloading the Viper Connect app on your phone. Using your smartphone, the app provides security solutions for your home and your car, so you can rest assured that your investments are safe no matter where you are.

Here’s how it works:

  • The app lets you control security settings and monitor video remotely on your smartphone;
  • Video streaming lets you watch your home, so you can see who’s coming in and out;
  • The app will notify you of home security events on a timely basis;
  • The app saves the location of your car and will remind you of where it is when you’re ready to leave a busy parking lot;
  • Speed alerts inform you if someone driving your car is driving unsafely, or going somewhere they shouldn’t be.

The app will even give you a history of what’s happening in your home, so you can check up on it no matter where you are! Source: Apple iTunes.

In order to use the app, however, you’ll have to purchase the Viper home starter kit and accompanying accessories to secure your belongings, including the following”

  • Motion detector;
  • Door and window sensors;
  • Remote control key fob;
  • Camera.
Viper Connect

When it comes to home security, a camera is a key feature that can protect your home and loved ones. Source: Apple iTunes.

With a home security app and kit like this, you won’t have to worry about leaving your home behind. If you’re interested in having a security system like this integrated into your home, why not reach out to a home security expert? They can advise what you need based on your needs.

iSmart Alarm

The iSmart Alarm kit is a home security system (another kit) that combines cameras and motion sensors to monitor your home remotely. This DIY system does not require you sign a contract, and it doesn’t require monthly fees. The Cube is the brain of the system; it’s a small unit that can be plugged into a wall outlet and connects to the cameras and sensors.

The iSmart app lets you control the pan and tilt of the camera, so you can get a wide view of what’s happening around your home. Video streaming lets you watch your home and take pictures! Plus, the app will send you notifications or text messages based on how you set them up. Being able to monitor your home with a device you use on a daily basis can provide the peace of mind you desire.

If there’s someone in your home that’s too young to have a cellphone, then you can give them a remote that essentially replaces a phone. The remote lets them control the system from up to 30 feet away.


The iSmart system protects your home through smart monitoring. Source: iSmart Alarm.

The iSmart system protects your home through smart monitoring.
Source: iSmart Alarm.

The iSmart system is a DIY install, but if you’d rather have a home security specialist visit your home to install a security system, then check out our database of professionals with expertise in the field.


Most home security apps require homeowners purchase a home security kit with tools and equipment that connect to each other. Canary is different. Before we talk about the app, let’s tell you what you need to use the app in the first place: one piece of technology. It’s a small item that can be placed anywhere in your home – a shelf or kitchen table. Once it’s plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi, it’s ready to use.

Onto the app itself. The Canary app works with the device in your home over the internet to provide home security. The app learns about your patterns over a period of time. When something happens out of the ordinary in your apartment or home, the app will send you a notification with video and audio to alert you! Here’s what else you need to know:

  • The video is equipped with night vision, so it provides optimal security in the evening;
  • Video can be live-streamed so you can check up on your loved ones no matter where you are.


What’s so great about the Canary app and system is it requires minimal equipment and work to install, but if you’re on the fence about what system and app to use, speak to an experienced home automation expert.


iScentry makes video monitoring easy. Like Canary, this security system requires minimal equipment. All you need is a webcam. Remember those? All you have to do is put your webcam in a place you want monitored. The iScentry app works with the camera to snap pictures and live stream video of the room or space you’re monitoring right to your computer.

But watching the app is not always possible. That’s why the app will send you email notifications about any events or movement it detects. It’ll save data onto a disk or iPhoto album on your computer.

Source: Apple iTunes.

Source: Apple iTunes.

Don’t have a webcam? Visit a home automation store to purchase one. Use our directory to find a location near you.


Home security is made simple when devices are connected to your phone, tablet and computers. But finding a system to suit your needs may not be an easy decision. That’s why we suggest you check out our directory of home automation and security equipment specialists who have the knowledge and expertise to recommend a kit and app combination to satisfy your home security needs!

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