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Why you should insulate your home not just for the winter season

Around this time of year, we start to think of the value of insulation to trap warmth in our homes and create a more comfortable living environment inside while the weather outside turns frightful. Although investing in insulation for the wintertime yields a big return both in comfort and heating costs, insulation will also save you money in the summertime. spoke with Alex Schuts of Insta-Insulation, a company that has been servicing Ontario for over 10 years and is the official insulation contractor for Mike Holmes, about the many ways insulation can benefit your home all year round.

Trapping heat inside and out

“When you insulate, you’re trying to stop the movement of heat,” says Schuts. While in the wintertime, insulation slows the heat from escaping outside your walls. In the summertime, insulation stops the heat from outside your home from coming in. Insulation traps the cool air produced by your air conditioner indoors, so your home remains at a comfortable, and cool, temperature.

Schuts likens trying to cool a home with no insulation is like trying to cool your kitchen by opening the fridge door.

“It doesn’t work because the heat enters your fridge and spoils your food.”

Saving money

While insulation will certainly save you money on your heating bill in the winter, with the price of electricity rising, Schuts says now is the time to think about adding insulation for the summer months to save you money on your electricity bill when you turn on your air conditioner.

“The cost of cooling your home electrically is starting to be more than heating your home with gas,” he says, adding homeowners can see savings up to 20 percent on cooling costs by improving their home’s insulation.

Focus on your attic

The area of the home that yields the greatest return for your insulation dollars, Schuts says, is the attic. “At least 35 percent of heat loss in the winter is going up through your attic and in the summertime, more than 35 percent of heat is coming through the attic into your home,” says Schuts.

Here’s Alex himself chatting about using insulation in the attic:

Insulation is a necessary home improvement task to undergo in order to ensure your comfort all year round. Speak to the experts at Insta-Insulation. Visit their profile on our website for more information on why insulation is a wise investment, then make a phone call or send an email right from the webpage!

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