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Learn how to: Move the right way with these what-to-dos before moving out

When it comes to moving, you’re probably excited to leave your old place in exchange for your new property. However, that doesn’t mean you can forget about the current state of your home and the responsibilities you have to it before the new owners take ownership. Get in touch with a storage solutions expert, then tackle our list of to-dos before moving out.

Get rid of clutter

Your home is your home (for now). But when you put up that ‘For Sale’ sign on your lawn, it invites future home buyers into their potential future space. That’s why it’s important to clear the house of any clutter. You may use those three remotes to turn on the television, but that doesn’t mean they should be on display for your house guests. Maybe you love spending time in your kitchen, so your countertops are cluttered with daily necessities – a mixer, coffee maker, toaster, etc. A new home buyer won’t see what potential the space has for them until the clutter is gone.

We’re not saying you need to pack up your life before moving! But you should declutter your home to make it presentable. If you have a lot of things, put what you can into storage. The great thing about self-storage is you can pack your belongings and have access to them whenever you need. You’re not saying goodbye forever; just until you sell your home!

These kitchens are free and clear of clutter!

These kitchens are free and clear of clutter!

Hire a home staging professional

Your home is set up with your favourite pieces of furniture and artwork. We hope you used our directory to find a furniture store to accessorize your place – or at least use it to find shops to purchase new accessories for your new home! But your style of decor works for you and your family. When you’re selling your home and moving out, you need to give prospective buyers the chance to see the place for themselves.

A home staging professional will look at the space with a critical eye and depersonalize the home. This way, they’ll stop seeing the current homeowners and visualize their new life in the house. Here’s a breakdown of how a home stager will prepare your home during the selling process:

  • Help you highlight the best features of the house that buyers will be attracted to, such as pulling away curtains in front of a window to light up the room with natural light;
  • Help you decide what pieces of furniture should go into storage to help declutter and depersonalize;
  • Recommend what repairs should be done prior to showings;
  • Add finishing touches, such as fresh flowers at the front entrance, or fill the space with baked goods to create an inviting aroma throughout the house.


Home staging is all about clean lines and neutrality. A home staging professional can help you achieve this look in your home.

Replace burnt out bulbs, yellowing light switch covers & conduct routine maintenance

Speaking of repairs, would you want to walk into a prospective home, turn on the faucets and see that they’re not working? Or worse, leaking? How about walking into a space and seeing light bulbs aren’t working, or the switch covers on the wall look old and yellow. First impressions are everything, and if you’re eager to move into your new home, you’ll have to invest some time and money into making your current space a great one for future home buyers.

Why is this important, you may ask? You don’t want to scare off future home buyers!

This real estate expert gives us an overview of what you should do before that for sale sign goes up:

The last thing you want is for future home buyers to spot these aesthetically unpleasing problems in the house.

The last thing you want is for future home buyers to spot these aesthetically unpleasing problems in the house.

Need some help getting those repairs finished? Consult our database of handyman specialists who can help get your home in order before you sell.

Spruce out the outdoors

You’re spending both time and money preparing the inside of your home for the selling process of moving, but what about the outdoors? After all, that’s the first thing people will notice about your home long before they step foot into the foyer. Tackle these outdoor home renovations so your home stands out to buyers and makes a statement in the neighbourhood:

  • Repave the driveway;
  • Replace broken down windows;
  • Replace broken shingles;
  • Give your home a fresh coat of paint;
  • Clean up the landscaping.

Trust us, fellow homeowners will notice if your home’s exterior has been kept well. If it hasn’t, they could be less inclined to see the inside of the space.


Would you want to see this when you pulled up in front of a home for sale? We didn’t think so!

We have a laundry list of home service professional that can help you with these routine home maintenance projects and repairs, including handyman specialists that are experts in a wide variety of repairs!

yes, you can sell your home (and for a high return on investment) if you properly prepare your property with our advice. Don’t forget to use our directory to find a storage company that can help you store your belongings in the process.

Good luck moving!

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