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Let there be white

I know, I know, the thought of white fabric can be scary. I for one have never been so prone to spills than when I’m wearing a pair of white pants or a white shirt.

But when it comes to your space, white is a versatile and incredibly beautiful way to make a seriously chic statement.

For all of you skeptics out there, white in the home doesn’t mean mom’s forbidden white sofa with the strict no-sitting policy, or some nineties Miami mansion of the rich and tasteless.

So often I hear from people that they’re scared to use white when styling their homes. People say, “It’s hard to keep clean,” “It looks unfinished,” “It’s just primer” and so on.

I’m here to tell you that white is your friend! Especially in small spaces, it lightens, brightens and gives the illusion of space.

There are several things you can achieve by using white. Firstly, white is a clean backdrop. White walls allow all the precious items you have collected over the years to shine individually.  Think of an art gallery, they always use white walls so the art is showcased in its purity.

Let there be white

Image Credit -BurnAway via Flickr

Your space can be treated the same. When you use coloured furniture, colourful accessories and then choose to add colour to the walls, it can become too busy and distract your eye from the beauty of individual items.

Although white is used often in modern design and fits the minimalist aesthetic, it can also be used in traditional settings to help create the sought after old world charm look.  Vintage items in distressed white finishes help achieve a look reminiscent of an old farmhouse or a summer cottage – easy, breezy and homey.

If you are brave (and don’t have small kids running around), there are many ways to add white that will create texture and play with shadowing.

A textured white application on your walls will create warmth and character without needing any added colour. If you live in an older loft style condo and have exposed brick walls, don’t be afraid to put a whitewash on them – this will enhance the texture of the brick and lighten the space.

Layering with white allows you to create dynamic spaces that are also calming and beautiful.  If you have a white sofa against a white wall, with white pillows and a throw blanket like the room pictured – play with textures. Choose pillows in fabrics that range from smooth silks to matte linens and even open weaves. Layer them together with a faux fur throw in white and viola! You’ve made a total designer statement.

Let there be white

Image Credit

When it comes to accessorizing, groupings of white objects together look really beautiful.  If you are not a minimalist and don’t mind having multiple items around you, one way to neutralize visual clutter is to have all those items in white.

let there be white

Dixie – Spring 2010 Collection

Take your bedding for instance, layering your pillows in varied white textures along with your duvet and blanket will create a serene oasis that will lull you into the best sleep. Think about your favourite hotel retreat – you probably sunk into a large, luxurious bed, stuffed with fluffy white pillows and dreamy white linens.

Remember, designers are not the only ones that can use white.  White makes a bold statement in your home and you don’t need to create an entirely white space – add in as much or as little as you like to bring that summer sun inside!

We’ve given you some ideas and hopefully you’re inspired. Don’t be intimidated, we can help you find the right person who will bring your vision to life. Use our eieihome interior design directory listing and get your project started today!

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