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Light and airy living room inspiration

When it comes to home décor, summertime makes us want to lighten up, throw the windows open and infuse every inch with easy breezy style.

The interesting thing about a light and airy living room is that it isn’t only a matter of the room’s colour. It is very possible for a room to be painted white and filled with white décor, and yet still feel heavy and congested.

Along with a room’s colour, that easy breezy feel requires space. Not necessarily in terms of the rooms size (although larger rooms do tend to feel lighter), but also in terms of how breathable a room feels.

Too much clutter, heavy furniture, and chunkier textiles have a tendency to rob a room of its easy breeze feel. Which is why the rooms we’ve chosen as our favourites, not only dabble heavily in whites and neutrals, but are also not too heavily filled with things.

Here are some of our favourite easy breezy living rooms.

Sleek Coastal Style

We love how clean and sleek this coastal living room looks. While so many coastal spaces incorporate elements from shabby chic or farmhouse styles, this space is very unencumbered, contemporary feel.

Loads of White and Natural Light

Gorgeously slip-covered seating, excellent lighting and impeccably placed pops of colour turn this space into the perfect summery sanctuary. We love how those gold frames really draw the eye.

Tranquil Mid-century Modern

In case you were thinking that mid-century modern had to involve deeply saturated colours and masculine lines, think again. This living room from Emily Henderson takes the soul of mid-century mod and fills it out with endearing strokes of light and airy comfort.

Farmhouse with a Wild side

easy breezy living room

Image Source: Stone Gable

The zebra print rug in this beautiful farmhouse living room adds an element of surprise to the space. We love that it works with the classically farmhouse furniture and décor, and yet simultaneously commands your attention.

Pure Comfort

easy breezy style

Source: Kim Power Style

There is something incredibly comforting about this space from Kim Power Style. It feels naturally inviting and cozy. The white shiplap and blue accents are a definite farmhouse delight, while the marble tray and hint of rose gold offer contemporary appeal.

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Featured Image: Style by Emily Henderson



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