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Light Fixtures – Your Homes Jewelry

It is time for lighting fixtures to stop being regarded as the mere means of shedding light. Lamps and chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces, all have evolved both artistically and technologically to a level that our old candle paradigms need to shift – and fast. Lighting fixtures, glimmering, eloquent and lustrous – are like jewelry for your home. A candle can provide light, but a carefully chosen chandelier will accentuate your house’s features, it will beautify it and allure your guests as they bite their lips in envy.

Contemporary lighting

When picking jewelry, you must make sure that it matches what you are wearing. Consider the furniture in your room, its style and its location. Is your furniture traditional? Then a traditional light is a match. On the other hand, for modern style furniture, you should look into something with a more modern twist.

Two traditional chandeliersModern Chandelier from Lights On

You do not want a ring too big or a necklace too small. What size is the right one? Measure the length and width of your room in feet; add the two numbers together and you will arrive at an approximate diameter of the chandelier in inches. Do you have a long wide banquet-type table? Then two smaller chandeliers are better than one big one. Make sure you consult free online guides prior to your purchase. Ones like this can give you lots of insight into what size and type of lighting you should buy for your room size and type.

Modern Chandelier

Some jewelry looks better with rubies and some look better with emeralds. Overall, this is a matter of personal taste – and so is the material for your lamp. You may want something simple, but beautiful, for example a fixture made of glass and brass. Or you may want something elegant and astonishing – like lighting fixtures with real Swarovski crystals, or ones made from Murano glass, which is considered the most precious handmade material in the world. No matter what material you choose, there will be a plethora of variations, so something is almost guaranteed to match your home.

Swarovski crystal chandelierMurano glass chandelier from Lights On

Finally, the important part – price. Obviously, you must know your budget before looking at this sort of purchase. Yet, there are costs hidden behind the scenes – as well as opportunities to save. A lighting fixture that uses LED will require less electrical energy to shine than an incandescent light bulb – with no sacrifice of brightness, and additional options of dimmable light and color changes. If you are someone who doesn’t like to spend unnecessary amounts paying bills, then this will definitely save you money. You know, so you can use your savings on those other things you want.

Shaded chandeliers from Lights On

To look stunning, the jewelry for your house must be picked carefully. There are a lot of factors you must consider. By getting to this point of the article – you have already made the decision to become informed.  Find more information online, choose carefully, and you will transform your house into the most beautiful one on the street.

Clockwork lighting with LED

Pendant lighting

Guest Post provided by Alla Khvatova of Lights On of Oakville, Ontario.

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