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Lighting Series: Bedroom Lighting

A beautiful way to celebrate one’s living space is to give fresh attention to how it is lit. The bedroom in particular can transform once the lighting changes. From subtle to radical, the atmosphere of the chamber is deeply connected to (and altered by) brightness, color, and source-design.

The range of choices includes pendant lamps, standing units, washes of soft white, and also the more usual textural choices of clear glass and bulbs of different hues. Whatever your inclination, tap into our shortlist of new ideas in bedroom lighting options.


Coming to you via Fresh Home Magazine, Canadian sculptor and designer Peter Pierobon has crafted these flowing, organic shapes to cast new light on familiar environs. Light becomes part of the sculpture itself, as slivers and bands of it leave the slats and strands of cedar. The lamp is meant to hang from a ceiling, and a low-voltage halogen bulb powers it.


When it comes to interior lighting, altering the color-scape of a room is a swift route to making a powerful statement. In this example, the textural force of the lighting is related not only to the intermingling of blue and white, but also to the use of a recessed lamp unit in the upper right, and a clear-sphere source-specific light source on the end table. Lighting should direct the eye, but it doesn’t have to arrest it. It can do a lot of work as well by relaxing and subtly refocusing attention.

Gradients and Washes:

If you’re working on a modern bedroom design and have sufficient bare-wall space, consider this approach from the Interior Decorating Home and Garden blog: from ceiling to baseboards, recessed fixtures create a colorful wash of gradually shifting light. In this case, it’s indigo to pink, but one could adjust the spectrum to suit almost any taste.

Going Unique:

If something more artistic and direct is on your mind, then maybe something unusual, along the lines of a pendant-style lamp, is what you need. Motiq brings buyers this Grossman-built series of intertwined spirals, each piece of geometry opening up new angles for the casting of the interior bulb’s glow.

Unique lighting
Source: Motiq Online

Kid’s Rooms:

If you’re updating your young one’s bedroom, LED and other low-voltage technology has opened up the realm of fun shapes and unusual patterns that will delight the imagination. Try this cloud-and-stars design that’s showcased at a sparkling curtain of dream-inducing sparkles blankets the wall by a bed (or any other part of the room).

Have a fresh idea about bedroom lighting of your own? Send along your newest and best tips, or link us to a cutting-edge concept when it comes to adding ambiance to the inner sanctum of the home.

By James O’Brien

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