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Look-Out for These Spring Maintenance Issues

As the weather slowly begins to warm up and the snow starts to melt, it’s important for homeowners to be on the lookout for some common spring maintenance issues. Here are some of the common findings around the house and on your property, as well as what you can do to take care of them.

Leaky Basement

While many of us are happy to see the beginning of the spring thaw, it’s important to be aware that this can become a time of basement leakage. As the ice and snow next to your house begins to melt it may be unable to permeate the still frozen subsoil of the area around it. This means water pooling that can take place around the foundation of your home. If you have any issues with foundation cracks, grading or any issues with your home’s basement waterproofing system you may end up with a leaky basement.

Leaky basements are nothing to mess around with. If left untreated, leaks can damage your basement, and anything contained in it. Since, most people use their basements as an extended living space, this can mean damage to important things like furniture, electronics, carpeting, and gym equipment. This is definitely a spring maintenance issue that shouldn’t be ignored.

If you’ve noticed the presence of moisture in your basement, it’s important to contact a local waterproofing contractor. They will be able to come in and remedy the problem before it has a chance to turn into something even more problematic –mould!

Pest Infestations

We aren’t the only ones excited about the warmer temperatures. The insects and wildlife that have been hiding out all winter long are getting ready to make their glorious spring debut. And guess what? They’re headed straight for your home!

These critters are looking for food, and a warm place to nest AKA reproduce! Here are some of the most common springtime pests:

  • Ants –Spring is prime ant season, particularly in the kitchen, where crumbs and overripe fruit make for easy foraging. Keep them away by sweeping floors daily and keeping counters as clutter-free as possible
  • Silverfish and House Centipedes–These sneaky bugs are attracted to leaky basements and bathroom pipes. Keep them at bay by waterproofing and keeping faucets well maintained
  • Termites –Possibly one of the most dreaded bugs to ever find at home is the termite. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when they really begin moving into your home. That’s because the spring thaw can reveal rotted tree stumps and overgrown shrubs, which can provide easy access to your home for these hungry and highly destructive critters.

If you begin to notice that the pest populations has increased substantially in your home, be sure to contact a pest control expert to keep these pests from bugging you.

Lawn Damage

Most healthy lawns will recover from the rigours of winter, and start greening up again anywhere between late April and early June, depending on where you live. However, once the snowy covering has been gone for a while, you might start to notice a bit of thinning or other damage here and there.

One of the most common types of springtime lawn damage you’ll find can be attributed to grubs. Dead, spongey patches in your lawn, or even holes can be a big sign that you have a grub infestation. While you can try to repair the damage on your own, the best way to handle grubs is by contacting a lawn care professional.

A lawn care pro can not only treat the grub problem with nematodes, but they can also provide preventative maintenance. Since fostering a lush, healthy lawn is actually the most effective way to keep grubs and the pests who feast on them (such as skunks and raccoons) away.


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