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LUX Design

Who is LUX Design?

LUX Design is distinctive as a Toronto interior design firm in that it doesn’t have just one designer leading the firm, but is instead a team of interior designers. The LUX Team is made up of seven young, trend setting designers that specialize in getting luxury out of any kind of space. Each of the designers on the team has a unique personality and style that helps create the LUX Design brand.

When a client comes in to interview LUX, LUX also interviews them, so that they can best match them with the right designer. Matching personalities and styles is very important in ensuring that clients don’t just get an interior design, but an “interior design experience.”

All of the LUX Design Team comes from different backgrounds, from degrees and diplomas to practical experience. When hiring, LUX makes sure to take a holistic approach, examining how the designers present themselves, their styles and how they communicate. Above all they must bring in a little “LUX” themselves.

The designers are the brand at LUX Design, so it is important they all work well together towards a common goal. They have a fantastic work environment and a great team that enjoys coming into work each day.

What is LUX Design?

Isabelle Glinka incorporated LUX Design in 2006. Since childhood, Isabelle’s goal was always to design and run her own business. In fact, her background is in business, not just interior design, and this adds a special ingredient to LUX Design and ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

When you hire a LUX Design interior designer you aren’t just hiring one designer, your hiring a team of them. While the lead designer is the one that interacts and gets to know the client, the whole team actually contributes to each design project with the lead acting as a filter for the clients’ wants and needs. This method has worked so well that they can barely recall a time that a revision has been requested on a design created by them.

Did you know?

LUX Design designed Jimmy’s Coffee on King and Portland in Toronto. Although set in luxurious King West, the designers knew that to draw a different type of attention, the coffee shop must not fit the mould of all the other businesses in the area but rather run against it. Therefore, instead of designing in full glamour which might cause some potential customers to shy away from the coffee shop, the team decidedly “under designed” it, ensuring it would look like it has aged in place. However, no matter how raw, modern or contemporary a space, it is always easy to tell that it has been designed by LUX.  If you go to the café you can see LUX Designs trademark design element in the antique chandeliers that hang inside.

What does LUX Design Specialize in?

LUX specializes in adding “LUX” to any space. More specifically they specialize in design, in all the meanings of the world. Their main focus is on residential spaces, but they also do, like Jimmy’s Coffee, commercial spaces.

What is LUX passionate about?

The LUX Team loves making a difference in their clients’ lives and working together as a team. They had one client that they designed a dining room for tell them that she could now “finally have guests over for Christmas dinner for the first time!”

LUX Design Tip:

A couple of things to keep in mind when designing a condo are:

Scale – condos are small and need small-scale furniture that suit their compact size. Clear materials such as acrylic or glass are good choices for condo furniture (ex. Acrylic chairs or glass topped coffee tables) because they take up less visual space and keep the room feeling less crowded.
Continuity – due to the tight quarters it is a good idea to choose a colour-scheme and use it throughout the space. It will keep things looking cohesive, organized and deliberate.

Showcase Project x2:

Jezero Crescent Dining Room
The main challenge for this dining room was to fit a dining table into the space that could seat the client’s entire family. LUX Design needed to work a table into a narrow space, and could not adjust the location of the existing chandelier.  In addition, the dining space was located off of the main floor hallway and so it needed to flow with the rest of the adjacent spaces. In the end, the neutral wall coverings and deep wood tones kept the room consistent with the rest of the first floor, while the patterned fabrics added the needed colour and elegance.

Queensway condo suite
For the Queensway condo, LUX Design’s client wanted to create a fresh, feminine space that took advantage of every inch of living space without feeling too full and heavy.  Because the rooms in these small condos all open on to each other, it was important to choose one colour-scheme that would flow throughout the suite.

Has LUX Design given you an “interior design experience?” Review them at!

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