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Luxury Bathroom Designs

What are the latest trends for luxury bathroom designs? In larger upscale bathrooms, luxury-oriented consumers want a spa-like place where they can relax and feel rejuvenated. They also want to bring to the bathroom sophisticated fashions that express their style and to surround themselves with beauty.

A chaise longue and cabinets that look like fine furniture may be part of the luxury bathroom.

“People are spending a lot of time in their bathrooms,” Donna Church, spokeswoman for Kohler Canada, said in an interview. “Bathrooms are adding comfort to daily living.”

Jacuzzis, with noisy jets, are being replaced by long, deep soaking tubs. Some feature chromatherapy, different colored lights in the bath water to create special moods — blue for calming or red for energy.

One soaking bath features a trough that collects water that flows over the top and reheats and recirculates it. The cost is $12,000.

Overflowing luxury bathtub
Source: Kohler

Showers are undergoing renovations, too. Some have entire walls of glass and feature soft, ambient light that makes it feel as if you’re basking in the sunset or you’re surrounded by a bright blue cloud.

Kohler water tile luxury bathroom rain shower
Source: Kohler

New rain showerheads are popular as are body sprays mounted in the wall at the hip and shoulder level.

Artisan vessel sinks allow consumers to choose designs from such cultures as Persia and Nepal to express their sense of style. Made from cast bronze with an African rain drum design, the Kamala by Kohler, costs $4,700.

Artisan luxury bathroom sink
Source: Kohler

Another trend in luxury bathrooms is to put the toilet behind a half wall or even behind a door. Since the bathroom is seen as sanctuary for rest and relaxation, this hides the toilet from view.

However, some stunning new toilet designs are the focus of the luxury bathroom design.

One called the Hatbox looks like a large oval shaped wastebasket with a lid. The tank isn’t visible because it’s under the seat. The Hatbox, by Kohler, sells for $5,000.

Hatbox toilet by Kohler
Source: Kohler

Another toilet, the Numi, with a futuristic design, has a lid and seat that rise automatically when you touch a sensor with your toe. Other features of the Numi include built-in music, a bidet seat, and a heated seat and foot warmer. Also a Kohler design, the Numi costs $7,400.
Numi Toilet by Kohler
Source: Kohler

Grab bars, also with sleek designs, are getting a makeover, with some looking like jewelry. Baby boomers, who are getting older and want to stay in their homes as long as possible, are requesting grab bars. Younger consumers like them, too, because they no longer have an institutional look.

Another new design, the rising wall bath, allows a person in a wheel chair to transfer easily to a molded seat in the bath. The door is then pulled up and locked, allowing the bather to have a relaxing, soaking bath. The cost for the tub, called the Elevance, is $10,000.

Luxury universal bathroom tub
Source: Kohler

While upscale consumers are spending thousands of dollars on luxury bathrooms, the elements of the luxury bathroom can be found for lower prices for consumers on a budget. For example, vessel sinks are available for $500 and soaking tubs for $700.

Whether your bathroom budget is generous or limited, luxury bathroom designs are available to you.

By Rita R. Robison

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