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How to maintain a clean and healthy indoor air flow

How to maintain a clean and healthy indoor air flow

Spring is often seen as a season of warmth, growth and renewal and a time when Canadian’s can finally get back outside and enjoy some fresh air. However, the warm weather also brings with it melt, moisture and humidity which can negatively impact the air you breathe within your home. In order to better understand the benefits of keeping the air inside your home as the fresh as the air outside, spoke to Tony Muscat, an indoor air and mold inspection expert from Inch by Inch inspections, a GTA industry leader.

The air you breathe matters

“Most people don’t appreciate that the air they breathe inside their home is a very important component of their health and wellness.” Muscat says. Mold in your home, which may be more likely to form during the humid and rainy spring season, can compromise the air quality in your home and may compromise your health in the long-term if not properly addressed. “Now is the ideal time to carry out an inspection of your attics or crawlspaces to check for signs of mold or water.” Muscat recommends. It is important to recognize that mold growth often occurs as a result of compromised functionality of one or more components of your home that regulate moisture or ventilation.

Controlling moisture and ventilation

“The ability of your home to properly manage air flow and moisture properly is an important indication of your home’s functionality.” Muscat says. Many new home owners may not understand or appreciate the relevance of these functions in their home and may neglect maintenance of the components responsible. An indoor home air inspection can help home owners identify common issues which may be compromising air flow or moisture control such as outdated furnace filters, leaky roofs and the improper functioning of shower, bathroom or kitchen fans.

Leave mold to the experts

For those who may be concerned about the air quality of their home, spring is the time to call a reputable indoor air and mold inspection expert to help you identify and remedy any issues that may be compromising the air that you and your family breathe on a daily basis. Inch by Inch offer one of the most reputable inspection and remedy services in the GTA. You can learn more about their rates and services by visiting their listing here on

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