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Planning on Renovating? How to Avoid Bad Contractors

A big renovation can add value to your home, make it more comfortable and help it to sell for more money if you ever decide to move. It can also go over budget, drag on past schedule, interrupt your family’s life and and turn your home into a construction project for weeks or even months on end. Construction and the supporting trades are riddled with fly-by-night operations what sometimes use the layman’s lack of industry knowledge as an excuse to do overpriced, shoddy work. Is your home due for a makeover? Plan ahead and hire the right help.

When you do your homework and hire the right people, a great home renovation is almost like getting a brand new home.

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People Make or Break Renovations – Vet Contractors Thoroughly

The contractors, architects and other people who do the physical work will make or break the job. The level of professionalism and experience possessed by the tradespeople and their crews almost always makes the difference between great work, good work and a renovation disaster.

As discussed in the article “4 Questions to Ask Before Building an Addition to Your Home,” start with obvious vetting measures such as calling references, getting multiple bids and checking out their past work in person. But go a step further to protect yourself. Avoid change orders wherever possible and check on the standing of licenses, insurance and bonding for any potential firms or people you’re considering hiring.

Contracts Provide Clarity and Protect Both Parties

As Reader’s Digest points out, Canadians have a right to a written contract detailing the specifics of the work to be done and the agreed upon price. But keep in mind that like the contractor, you should also not deviate from the agreement. Doing so is likely to burden the contractor with scheduling, supply and financial problems. Don’t be talked into paying by the hour and paying for materials. Doing so provides an incentive to work inefficiently.

Don’t Skip the Planning and Preparation

Measure twice, cut once is a metaphoric saying that applies literally to home renovations. It is imperative to consider the entire house a cohesive entity, not a series of separate rooms. Many home makeovers have turned into total disasters after an unexpected encounter with ductwork, electrical wiring, plumbing or other hidden, yet crucial systems that may have nothing to do with the room getting the renovation.

A clear written contract protects both you and the Home Renovators who do the work.

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Major renovations – especially when they affect crucial rooms like the bathroom or the kitchen – can make life unbearable if they drag out too long or turn into a money pit that saps your finances and sanity. But a well-done remodeling gives you the opportunity to wake up one day in a brand new house.

Don’t let the thought of a major renovation stop you from going through with your plans. eieihome is confident you will find the right expert for any job.

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