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Make the most of a basement laundry

If you live in an older home, one of your most frequent laments may be that your laundry room is in the basement rather than on the main or even top floor of your house. However, we think that what may seem like an inconvenience could actually offer a world of exciting possibilities for your next home reno or redecorating project.

Here are some of the ways that you can make the most of a basement laundry.

Lighten Up with Paint

There’s no need for your basement laundry room to be a dreary, gray dungeon. If the basement is unfinished, you can still pretty things up by painting the walls of the laundry area white or even a favourite bright colour. While you’re at it, remember that paint isn’t only for the walls. Concrete flooring can also be painted.

Brighten Up with Lighting

basement laundry

Source: Decoist

A great way to add interest and banish that dreary dungeon feeling is with new lighting. Beyond simply adding a pretty chandelier, improving your laundry room lighting should focus on the way that your basement is lit. A good mixture of ambient lighting and task lighting will make it easy to get things done and also make the entire room look better.

In terms of lighting fixtures, try adding something that enhances the décor, while also improving the lighting.

 Upgrade the Essentials

basement laundry

Source: Decorpad

We’re not just talking about the washer and dryer here (unless they need replacing). We mean all of the other things that make a laundry room truly functional. This means ditching that nasty, old (possibly plastic) utility sink and replacing it with something equally functional, but also beautiful, such as a farmhouse sink. And don’t skimp on the faucet. With as much time as you spend doing laundry, we think you’re laundry room she be as gorgeous as possible.

Along with your sink, improved storage will do wonders for your basement laundry. Either paint your existing cupboards or add new to create a fresh look. Don’t forget about the countertops. Nothing adds function to a laundry room like adding a surface for folding and sorting.

Add Fun Décor

If there’s one unifying factor that you’ll find in all of those gorgeous laundry rooms you see on Pinterest or Houzz, it’s the presence of décor accents. Whether plants, farmhouse chic baskets, or fun signs, these special accents work wondering to dispel the utilitarian cloud that often shrouds our laundry spaces.

PSA: We know, we say it all the time, but please try and avoid decanting your liquid detergents and laundry soap pods if you have small children. Yes, we know they look cute in those penny candy jars, mason jars and giant drink dispensers, but you know what’s cuter? Kiddos who aren’t being rushed to emergency because they thought your laundry chemicals were candy or drinks. Ok, we’ll get off of our laundry soap box now.

Still Not Convinced

If you’re still dreaming about the convenience of a main or top floor laundry room, find a contractor in your local area about how you can turn that dream into a reality. They can come to your home, take a look at the available space, and let you know if it’s possible to move your laundry room.

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