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Make the Most of Your Home Office

Would you believe that back-to-school season is already around the corner? Time to get ready for a return to studying with a fresh look at home office designs.

Whether spacious or petite, make the most of your dedicated home office space. Take a strategic look at the space as it is and optimize it for maximum usability.

Try your best to keep the space clutter free and accessible, fill it with plenty of storage, and most importantly, ensure that it’s comfortable. Because, if it doesn’t feel great, you (or your kids) aren’t likely to make use of it.

Function First

Functionality is the most important aspect of your home office. Whether you have (or are planning) a study space for a student or want to a dedicated office area for someone who works from home, ensure that the space functions optimally. That means tech considerations like whether you need single or multiple monitors, desk space needs for kids who need the space for assignments or crafts, and even the office’s proximity to noisier parts of the home.

Light it Up

Lighting is such an integral but often overlooked aspect of creating a home office. A poorly lit office can contribute to eye strain and headaches over time. In addition to the room’s brightness, also position the desk and monitor so that any glare from overhead lights or windows is minimized.

Take a Stand

When shopping for the desk to be used in the space, you may be surprised to know that there are more options that their used to be. The standing desk is a growing trend in offices both at home out of home. For optimal usability, select a desk that can be easily converted from sitting to standing, such as the SKARSTA desk from Ikea. The positioning of this versatile desk can be easily adjusted from sitting to stand at the crank of a handle.

A Place for Everything

When your office space plays a dual role as a family room, bedroom, or other area, you’ll want to put a solid storage strategy in place. Easily keep the space looking neat and tidy with bookshelves, file cabinets, and a good cord management system.

If your space will be frequented by young children, then you might also want to consider an art supply storage system and definitely a cork board or magnetized white board where you can display their works of art.


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