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Make Your Yard Look Well Manicured On a Budget

Having a big property with a lush yard requires plenty of work and sometimes money. Every yard deserves to look healthy, rich and nourished since it greatly affects the curb appeal of your home. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to groom your yard. Instead, you can try out some simple things that will cost you almost nothing.

Get rid of weeds

Having any kind of plant in your yard automatically means you have weeds. They are annoying and can turn your beautiful yard into a neglected mess. Luckily, weeds are easy to spot and they can easily be pulled out. You can easily gear up, once in a while, and pull the weeds from flower beds yourself, or you can rely on some eco-friendly herbicides to kill them. However, make sure to use fewer chemicals and only use them in tough areas, such as cracks in your driveway or sidewalk.

Add some plants

make your yard look well manicured on a budget

In order for your yard to be stunning, it needs to exude life. Do some research and pick out the plants you want on your property. Tall bushes and some shrubs are always a good idea, and you can place them strategically so they can provide a nice shade for your house. Also, rely on different types of flowers and plant them somewhere with enough sunlight and make sure to water them frequently. You can consider some perennials, such as mums and roses which will bloom several times a year.

Upgrade your lawn

Maintenance of your lawn doesn’t only include regular mowing. You will need to do some extra work in order for your yard to be the nicest one in the neighbourhood. Start in fall and thatch out any dead stuff on your lawn. After that, make sure to lay down new seeds and water and fertilize the lawn regularly. This will ensure a nice and healthy lawn that exudes life. What is more, you can be a bit creative and install grass pavers in one part of your yard. Not only do they look good and interesting but also stabilize the soil and prevent rutting.

Lay down mulch

Adding mulch to your yard brings several benefits. Firstly, a thick layer of mulch prevents weeds from growing and spreading across your yard. Secondly, it protects the roots of your plants and makes sure they don’t get damaged by the sun. Lastly, dark mulch can contribute to the aesthetics of your yard. This dark foundation will bring out the best in colors of your flowers and allow them to pop, making your yard stunning, lively and green.

make your yard look well manicured on a budget

Trim, trim, trim

It certainly is nice to have bushes, trees and plants in your yard, but you need to take care of them. If you neglect them, they will overgrow and just look messy. What you need to do is trim tree branches that might be too close to your home or the neighbour’s yard. Also, keep all the hedges at a consistent height and cut any vines that are creeping over your fence. What is more, trimming is easy and it only requires a pair of long clippers and all the work can be done within one day.

make your yard look well manicured on a budget

Power wash your house

Don’t just focus on sprucing up your yard and leave your house look dirty. After numerous rains, harsh sun and other weather conditions, the exterior is bound to stain and look filthy. Also, the siding might get discoloured, bricks might look dingy and the roof is probably a total chaos. In order for the entire exterior of your property, including your yard, to look stunning you will need to wash your home. You can easily invest in a gas-powered washer or even rent one and keep your house spotlessly clean each season.

Believe it or not, it is quite easy to keep your yard well-manicured without spending a fortune. Just make sure to use some of these tricks and your yard will be one of the best ones in the neighbourhood.

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