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Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

Urban living often requires some creative thinking when trying to make the most out of small or tight spaces. Kitchens are particularly tricky, given all the space needed for appliances and food storage. If you live in an apartment or condo, you may not have the option to renovate or build an addition.

Here are some options to consider if you want to maximize limited kitchen space.

Versatile Furniture

Creating more cabinet and counter space can be as simple as purchasing the right kind of island for your kitchen, such as the one featured at HGTV from JAS Design Build. In addition to the cabinets and drawers, the multi-purpose chopping block gives you a place for prepping and serving.

Rolling kitchen carts are also nice since you can easily move them around to fit your particular space, and drop leaf carts provide additional space when you aren’t using the entire surface. If you are on a budget, or a do-it-yourself kind of person, you can always make your own kitchen island.

Creative Storage

If there’s not enough space for extra furniture in your kitchen, you can always store items on top of cabinets, lining the counters, or any other free space you haven’t used. To make it look less cluttered, use clear or decorative glass bottles, which is another way to display and organize seasonings so that you know what you have in stock. Wall racks and knife magnets are easy to install and provide additional storage without cluttering up your counters. Additionally, drawer organizers, sliding shelves, and multi-tiered kitchen turntables are all cheap items that help create more space inside your cabinet for utensils, non-perishables, oils and spices.

Minimize Appliances

Any savvy chef will tell you that you don’t always need all the gadgets that can quickly crowd a small kitchen. Use your blender as a food processor, or get rid of your toaster if you have a small toaster oven. Think about the small appliances and accessories that you use the most, and pare down to the bare necessities. It’s also a nice way minimize your belongings if you tend to move around a lot.

Toaster oven
Source: Amazon

Utilize Lighting

Choosing the right kind of lighting can give both the appearance of a larger kitchen, and ensure that you have proper light for your work space. Whether you are trying to save money or simply make the most of your space, using the layered approach is a practical way to light up your kitchen.HGTV also has some great suggestions for people who want to invest a little more into some fancy and modern ways to illuminate the entire kitchen without taking up too much space.
Making the most out of a small kitchen doesn’t have to take a lot of extra time or expense. By starting with these few small tips, you can maximize any kitchen, no matter what size it is.

By Ashley Watson

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