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The mistakes people make when hiring home renovation contractors

We are in the thick of winter here in the GTA but it won’t be too long before we are back into the spring renovation season. Renovation can be both a rewarding and arduous pursuit for home owners, but there are certain mistakes you should  avoid to make sure your next home reno project brings you more joy than pain. With this in mind, spoke with Christine Delongte, Vice President of Perfect Renovations Group, a GTA leader in home renovation.

  1. Hiring the wrong company: “ It goes without saying that if you want to get the job done right, you need to go with a reputable company and sometimes finding one can be easier said than done.” Delongte explains. You should be seeking out a highly referred, highly reviewed company with WSIB liability insurance, master business licenses and warranties.
  2. Trying to project manage their own project: “ More often than not, when individuals attempt to project manage their own home reno project, it ends up being a nightmare.” Delongte explains. The sheer number of contractors you will have to coordinate and the scheduling you will need to carry out will add a great deal of undue stress to the renovation process.
  3. Going with a “jack of all trades”: “There is no such thing as a jack of all trades in this business” Delongte explains. A company that has dedicated staff for its various functions including sales, project management, and specific trades will always be able to offer you the best outputs.
  4. Going with the lowest quote: “A low quote may offer initial appeal, but you should know that those cost savings will often come at the price of quality. ” Delongte explains. When it comes to paint, for example, the number of coats used and the quality of paint will often be compromised with cheaper quotes, and may end up costing more in the long run.
  5. Ignoring Customer Service Deficiencies: “Customer service is one of the most important indicators of overall competency of a contractor” Delongte explains. In other words, if you are noticing red flags with the quality of customer service you are receiving, that may be a sign to opt for a different contractor.
  6. Not knowing what you are getting into: “One of the biggest mistakes people make is not getting specific quotes, so they don’t exactly know what they are giving and getting.” Delongte explains. Make sure you demand detailed quotes from your contractor to avoid these types of issues.

Keep these points in mind to ensure a smooth contractor selection process. You can learn more about Perfect Renovations Group by accessing their profile here on


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