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Modern Ideas to Personalize Patio Design

Patio design can take many forms depending on the size of the outdoor area, the budget, the climate and your personal taste. However, there are varieties of options for those planning with a moderate budget. Many simple designs can be undertaken without a professional designer.

First, one should choose the overall design. Material choices could include stone, brick, concrete or wood while on occasion some choose to use gravel to mesh seamlessly with the landscaping and garden paths. One of the first decisions you make when designing your patio is determining what the main use of it will be. For example, those who entertain and cook may want a large built in grill with patio tables, basic wood or metal chairs and rolling carts for serving food. In addition, climate will dictate whether the homeowner will want a roof installed. Those in drier climates may opt for open air designs. Those living in rainy climates may choose to have a full room with open sides or may want to screen in parts of their patios to protect from insects.

Next, patio decorations should be chosen. One of the most popular new trends is that of having lounge couches for guests to relax on, especially if the patio is beside a pool. Another option is to integrate the patio with the backyard garden as much as possible. Paths can lead from the patio through a flower or vegetable garden. Some people choose to grow flowers and herbs in pots on the patio. Providing colorful cushioned seats and pillows creates a more inviting space. Of course, having plenty of tables on which to place drinks and food is essential.

Other additional pieces can truly individualize a patio. One option is a fire pit. Fire pits can be a secondary cooking spots for simple foods such as hotdogs and s’mores. Mostly, they provide a visual center to a social group. People tend to gather around low fire pits made from stone or metal for warmth as well as for conversation. Another décor option is a small pond. While some in warm climates choose to invest in fish to populate the pond, a small pond can be just as much of an attraction as a fire pit when you a small bubbler or with water plants such as water lilies to it. A more ostentatious idea is a fountain or a rock wall of water. Such things as moving water and fire naturally attract the eye. Adding these pieces to a patio will create a unique look and experience.

Patios are places for family and friends to congregate informally. Since they can feature such a large variety of design ideas, no two patios are alike. They are truly places that bear the marks of their creators. They can be areas of relaxation and solitude or they can be places for fun-filled social events. The nature of a patio can be determined by its size, features and material and by how it meshes with its surroundings. Designs can be made by professionals or by homeowners looking through concept books and doing the work themselves.

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