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Modern Innovations for the Whole House

We have made huge strides in the fields of comfort and technology within the modern home in the past couple of years. It has become increasingly easier to buy products that help you with normal tasks, as well as invest in innovations that make cooking, organizing and bathing more enjoyable. Check out these innovations for kitchens, bathrooms and garage products.


Touch Faucet

Once simply a novelty in expensive homes, the touch faucet has now become more affordable and more reliable for the modern home owner. With the lever controlling the temperature of the faucet you can turn the faucet on and off with a simple touch of your hand, thus allowing a new level of cleanliness and ease when cooking or washing dishes in the kitchen.

Lighted Pot Racks

For larger kitchens a new trend in décor is to invest in a pot rack to hang pots above the kitchen island. While this is great, investing in a lighted pot rack can take care of two things at once. You can have an elegant piece of décor, while not having to sacrifice the amount of light in the room. Lighted pot racks also come in many styles so that they can match the design of the kitchen.


The bathroom also has a wide range of innovations that can help you create the perfect modern retreat.

Numi Toilet

Kohler’s foray into this area with the Numi toilet allows you to create a spa like experience in the comfort of your own home. The toilet has bidet functionality, heated seating, integrated speakers and an iPod dock, and that’s just to name a few of its features. It is the perfect toilet for your house, but it comes at a hefty price tag of around six thousand dollars.

Kohler numi toilet

TV Mirrors

If you are looking for modern innovations in the bathroom, Robern has the perfect upgrade in its mirror with an integrated TV. Whether you are watching talk shows or sports, having a TV integrated into your mirror allows you to have another level of comfort and convenience in your modern bathroom.

Garage and Tools

For garage products you mostly deal with tools and organization. Tools can be very innovative and are constantly being pushed out to create the most reliable and powerful product for your jobs. While organization products are not often as innovative, they are still great products that can look good and help you keep your garage organized the way you want it to be.


Tool innovations are often taken for granted. Every year you know that a better version will come out and that it will address problems that you had with the previous version. This is true for nail guns, miter saws, etc. However, the cordless inspection camera from DeWalt is one of those tools that you may have never seen before. At a little less than 300 dollars at most stores, this tool allows you to have a cordless video camera attached to the tool, which allows you to see into walls and tight places and even to record the images and videos for later. It is a lifesaver on many jobs and worth checking out.

DeWalkt camera tool



Organization products like this double door cabinet are not as innovative as others on this list, but they are as strong and reliable. Investing in a good organizational product for the garage is a good way to remove clutter and have your house looking the way you want it to. It even clears way for more modern innovations to have room in your home.

Garage storage unit

These are just a few of the modern innovations that can help make your life easier. If you have other suggestions make sure to leave them in the comment area below.

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