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Mould Problems | Could Your Home be Making You Sick?

It may seem extraordinary, but mould in the home is a common health problem affecting Ontarians. Luckily, eieihome had the chance to speak with Tony Muscat of Inch by Inch Healthy Homes, a mould inspection and environmental company, about why you should have your home inspected by a certified remediation company.

According to Health Canada, mould can cause health problems. Symptoms range from eye, nose and throat irritation to breathing difficulties. You should contact a certified mould inspection company to investigate if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms at home.

Investigate For Mould

A proper investigation for mould is very important to new home buyers, sellers and concerned homeowners. The investigation consists of two parts; the first is the physical investigation of the building envelope and the second is the collection of microbial samples (mould sampling). “The physical investigation should be done by a certified mould inspector,” says Tony. The inspector needs to take into account the visual evidence, but they also use specialized moisture detection equipment to make sure they understand the condition of the whole home. Based on his findings, the specialist then takes microbial samples which will be analyzed.

If the inspector finds mould, you should contact a professional mould remediation company to do the cleanup. “You’ll want to make sure the contractor has experience cleaning up mould,” says Tony.  The homeowner should check references and ask the contractor for their certification.

Prevent The Spread of Mould Spores

Certified professionals are trained to contain and safely remove mould from your property without letting it travel to other unaffected areas of the house while work is being preformed. They do this by using specialty equipment such as NEG Air and HEPA filter extraction equipment to

Government Regulated and Fully Insured

They must also follow guidelines set forth for mould removal by the Ministry of Health and Environment.  A qualified remediation specialist is also required to carry at least one million dollars mould remediation insurance.  All employees need to be fully trained, certified and covered by workman’s compensation as per government guidelines.

Mold Removal Product

“Absolute Mould Remediation, a certified mould remediation company, uses a variety of mould removal products. One of which is RX 100 that has a 25 year written manufacturer warranty against mould regrowth to areas it has been applied,” says Tony.

Do you have any mould related questions? Contact Tony of Inch by Inch Healthy Homes to get all your answers. 

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