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Myths and Facts About Modular Homes

It’s safe to say that most first-time buyers don’t think about talking to home builders about modular homes. This pre-fabricated home option is known more for its bad rap of being cheaply built, trailer-like and in the long run a questionable financial investment — than for its benefits.

But many of the negatives associated with modular homes don’t hold any truth when it comes to the options available today. Before you discount this type of house altogether, get the truth on some common misconceptions.

1. Modular Homes are the Same Thing as a Mobile Home.

In actuality, modular homes and mobile homes are held to a separate set of standards. Modular homes are built to Canadian Standards Association A-277 and therefore have specs that include truss floors designed to be installed in a foundation as well as 2′ x 6′ exterior walls, primed and painted interior walls and 8′ ceilings.

Modular home
Photo: Toronto Modular Home Additions Ltd

Mobile homes are required by law to be manufactured by Canadian Standards Association Z-240. Unlike modular homes, mobile units have a steel frame that’s set on concrete blocking piers, 2′ x 6′ exterior walls, interior walls with gypsum paneling and 7.5′ ceilings.

Mobile home
Photo: Graham Horn

In layman’s terms, that means your modular home isn’t a trailer by any stretch of the imagination.

2. Modular Homes are Cheaply Built.

Quite the contrary. Because a modular home is factory built and expected to meet a certain set of standards by law, the end result is a living space that’s higher quality than many on-site built homes. A controlled building environment also means errors are caught in advance, there’s zero risk for in-process weather damage or Mother Nature-related delays. With stats like these you’re more likely to get exactly what you paid for in a shorter amount of time.

Modern modular home
Modern modular home interior

Photos: Freshome

3. Modular Homes All Look the Same.

Cookie cutter prefabricated homes are a thing of the past. Today there are not only tons of manufacturers to choose from, but homes of all shapes and sizes that include coveted amenities like covered porches, grand master suites, great rooms and home offices.

Prefabricated home
Photo: Freshome

4. They’re a Bad Financial Investment.

Depending on your finances, you see more bang for your buck purchasing a modular home than building one on-site or renting. On average, modular homes cost 25-35 percent less and can often be easily financed through the manufacturer.

However, it’s important to note that you’ll need to own the land you plan to place your house on and the cost of that alone could set you back upwards of $100,000, depending upon where the land is located. Before you agree to finance through your manufacturer do your homework. It may be possible to nab a better interest rate through your financial institution.

5. They’re Not Energy Efficient.

Today’s prefab homes are built with top-quality windows, doors and insulation, meaning they’re environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The end result is lower utility bills a little more green in your wallet.

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