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Why do you need a furnace checkup?

Fall has arrived and with that comes chilly nights and brisk mornings, pushing us to turn our furnaces back on to heat up our homes. Our furnace is a major appliance that we forget we use as often as we do. With all that usage, this appliance requires regular maintenance, probably more than you realize. Here are four reasons why regular furnace checkups are crucial to the well-being of your home, wallet and health.


Decreases your Chance of a Breakdown

Frequent furnace check ups will greatly decrease your chances of a breakdown in the future. By calling a professional or even examining it yourself, you can save time and money in the long run. Keep in mind that a professional will find and repair less obvious problems that you would find yourself, for example: loose blower belts, improperly firing burners, loose wiring harnesses and slow leaking coolants from AC systems. In cases like these it’s best to get a professional in right way.

Saves You Money

Keeping your furnace maintained will prevent it from working overtime, therefore avoiding a major spike in your next energy bill. If you want to keep your costs down even more, you can examine your furnace all on your own. Check the area surrounding your furnace, look out for dirt, dust, rags, chemicals or other objects that could potentially catch fire if they were to get too warm. Additionally, make sure that the air filters are cleaned at least twice a heating season to avoid deterioration. You will find that if your filters contain a backup of dirt, your system will work tirelessly to combat the buildup, costing you even more money.

Expands its Lifespan

Did you know a new furnace could cost you upwards of $10,000 to replace? Proper and ongoing maintenance of your furnace will allow you to keep it longer and save you money. A simple way to stay up-to-date with upkeep is to create a reminder in your calendar. Doing this will jog your memory and prompt you to get out your flashlight or call your favourite expert.

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Source: The Loop

Protects Those Living at Home

Most furnaces burn fossil fuel to keep your home at a comfortable temperature but they are designed to properly exhaust these gases they burn to the outside of your home through a heat exchanger. Unfortunately, these passageways can become cracked or damaged, leaking Carbon Monoxide into your home. Homeowners with fossil fuel burning furnaces should place Carbon Monoxide detectors on every floor of their home. Once you plug in your detectors, keep an eye on their batteries and make sure they are working at all times. This is why proper maintenance is extremely important. Bringing in an expert can prevent these potential cracks or damages and potentially save your life.

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