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What you need to know about insurance and wet basements

With the recent rain storms many homeowners are worrying about the integrity of their basements. eieihome spoke to Tony Romanelli of Toronto’s RCC Waterproofing about what you need to know about wet basements and insurance.

“Leaky basements and seepage (the slow escape of water through cracks or holes) isn’t usually covered by home insurance,” says Romanelli of RCC Waterproofing. A crack in your home’s foundation is often left to the homeowner. This means that if your basement gets flooded it’s up to the homeowner to clean up and repair the mess since home  insurance companies view it as a maintenance issue and not an accident or disaster.

Policies vary and may not fully protect you in the event of certain disasters that cause damage to your home. Depending on the insurance company they may either charge extra for certain types of coverage, or include them as a bundle under one price. “If you live in a flood zone you need to make sure you have your sewer back-up covered,” explains Romanelli. Speak to your home insurance provider about this to see if it is, or could be partially or fully covered.

In order to avoid a costly claim, Toronto’s RCC Waterproofing advises that homeowners should follow these necessary steps to prevent any damages caused by wet basements.

Hire a professional

Hire a waterproofing professional, like the experts at RCC Waterproofing, to inspect your foundation for any cracks and ensure all basement openings are caulked and sealed properly.

Install a sump-pump & generator

Regularly check that your sump-pump is functioning, they tend to seize up when not in use. Severe storms can cause power outages and a generator ensures you have back-up power for your sump- pump to work.

What you need to know about insurance and wet basements

Image Credit: via Flickr

What you need to know about insurance and wet basements

Image Credit: Nels Highberg via Flickr

Install a waterproofing system

Ask the experts at RCC Waterproofing about installing an exterior waterproofing membrane system. They will share the benefits of having this kind of system in place and will address any concerns you may have.

The two key points to keep in mind are to check with your insurance company regarding what types of damages your policy covers, and in order to avoid a claim all together, follow the necessary steps provided by RCC Waterproofing to prevent any major and costly water damage.

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