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Never paint your home again!

A look at why hiring a house painter is always a better option than DIY.

Painting is probably the most common home improvement task for homeowners to take on themselves. There isn’t any special training required and there aren’t any power tools to get acquainted with, so it seems like a fairly simple and straight-forward project.

However, as anyone who has ever painted a room can attest, what starts out as a simple afternoon task can turn into a weekend long chore, or worse, an unfinished eyesore.  That’s because a great paint job goes far beyond the roller and a can of paint.

There is a lot of prep, patience and more that goes into achieving the clean, beautifully uniform look of a professionally painted wall, which is why we think it’s a great idea to leave it to the pros!

Meticulous Prep Work

A lot of house painter provide complete service. This means not only are they going to do the taping off and painting, but they also cover your floors and furniture, fill holes and cracks in the wall, and some are even willing to help out with wallpaper removal (now that’s service!).

Time Well Spent

Chances are, there are multiple rooms that you would like to have painted, which means multiple weekends or at least one weekend completely jam-packed with painting.

When you hire a painter everything gets done at once, and the best part is that it isn’t being done by you. When you hire a house painter, your weekend becomes your own again!

Top Quality Supplies

Professional house painters know the tools that are necessary to produce a flawless finish. This actually goes beyond the brand of paint that’s chosen. Good brushes, roller covers and high-quality painters tape are all essential.

Trade Secrets

Professional painters paint strategically. That is, there are particular techniques that they use to get the job done faster and without the frustration felt by many people who choose to DIY. Things like preventing blotches, keeping paint off of popcorn ceilings, and ensuring that paint colour is consistent from can to can really aren’t what you want to spend your hard-earned Saturday thinking about.

Hiring A House painter

Hiring a painter is much like hiring any other home improvement specialist. It all starts with doing your homework. Browse websites and read reviews to learn more about the painter and any past projects. Then, you’ll want to contact at least three painters for quotes. When describing the job, be sure to be thorough. Let them know about any repairs that may need to be done to your walls, in case they charge extra, or don’t do repair work at all.

If you’re ready to hire a professional house painter to help add new life to your home, visit and browse our listings of local professionals in your area.

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