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New Home Security Products are About More Than Just Bells and Whistles

It’s been a very long time since home security simply meant a strong deadbolt, a loyal pooch, and an easily-tripped alarm system. These days, a security system with “all the bells and whistles” has pretty much nothing to do with either bells or whistles …or wires for that matter.

Security Cameras with Facial Recognition Capabilities

Facial recognition capabilities are the latest innovation to come to home security. These systems are able to recognize faces that are meant to be in your home and those that aren’t. If it detects an unauthorized face, it can send an immediate alert to your smart phone.

Some systems allow you to watch live streamed footage from any device, and can also be disabled, to allow you to protect your family’s privacy.

Smart Locks

While there are many different types of electronic locks available on the Canadian marketplace, from Bluetooth to biometric, it’s the smartlock that seems poised for ubiquity. Smart locks make it possible for homeowners to open and close door locks without being anywhere near the door. In fact, you can control your lock from anywhere in the world. This means complete control over who accesses your home whether you’re at home or away.

Additionally, smart locks can be integrated into your network of things at home, such as your security system and even the thermostat.  This means that if your smoke detector sends you an alert, you can unlock your door to any emergency workers needing to get inside.

Smart Security Lights

The most recent generation of smart home security light is far more than just a light. They are more like outdoor security hubs. These break-in prevention devices combine a light, speaker and camera all in one. Some models allow you to converse with visitors, turn the light on via your phone and even record footage of any happenings at your front door. Plus, since they are still a part of your home’s first impression, smart security lights are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Contact a Local Home Security Specialist

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